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UCM Department of Aviation
Learn about UCM's aviation courses at Whiteman Air Force Base.
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Canaan Testimonial

Student Testimonials

Nick student testimoncial about aviation program "Knowing how to fly and having well-rounded knowledge is important to me in an aviation program. It’s life or death, so I need to be at the top of my game. Most students need to understand they won’t know all their stuff from the start but that is what the instructor is there for, to help you. If you just pay attention, take notes and study, it’s just like any other career field."
Nick, UCM sophomore from Wadesville, Ind.
Chase testimonial about flight program

"When I was looking for aviation programs, I needed a flight program that was affordable and offered opportunities when I completed the program. They said you can get your certified flight instructor through UCM. If you are Certified Flight Instructor, UCM will actually allow you to flight instruct so you can make money while earning a degree and build more flight time. When you graduate you need CFI training so you can build your time up; otherwise, you don’t have a shot at getting into any of the airlines.

"I was looking for a good size school. I didn’t want to go to a big school where the students don’t really matter. A lot of pilots from UCM aviation are getting hired by corporations, which was nice to hear."
Chase, UCM junior from Green Forest, Ark.

Jonathan opportunities at UCM Department of Aviation "I like the amount of opportunities that UCM provides for you. For example, you can become a student dispatcher. I went out to the airport and talked to Scott Huber. He got me an internship working in the maintenance hangar. I was an employee there the entire semester after my internship. It's a phenomenal experience, and everyone will go out of their way to help you."
Jonathan, UCM senior from Washington, Mo.
Rob testimonial about UCM aviation program "When I’m flying, it's what I love to do, and it's my true passion. All my friends tell me that flying is all I talk about. Flying is pure enjoyment and has the feeling of being free. I enjoy the feeling of going where I want to go, there is nothing holding me down. UCM’s aviation program is pure enjoyment as well. When you’re in a school setting like this, you learn so much with your instructor. You get that one-on-one time and you learn so much, it’s like knowledge is seeping into your brain. Overall, you have fun with your flight instructor."
Rob, UCM junior from St. Louis, Mo.