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Digital Media Production at the University of Central Missouri
Communication Studies at UCM
Public Relations at the University of Central Missouri
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Faculty & Staff

Faculty Office Phone
Atkinson, Dr. Carol Martin 136M 660-543-4841
Benton, Dr. Carol Martin 136P 660-543-4273
Bird-Meyer, Matt Martin 136N 660-543-4430
Cunconan, Dr. Terry Martin 136L 660-543-8583
Freeman, Nikki Martin 127 660-543-4858
Geiger, Dr. Wendy Martin 136O 660-543-4247
Glasnapp, Dr. Pam Martin 127C 660-543-4924
Hansen-Horn, Dr. Tricia Martin 132C 660-543-8635
Heapes, Tom Martin 132A 660-543-4006
Horn, Dr. Adam Martin 132B 660-543-4936
Moore, Dr. Joe Martin 136E 660-543-4923
Mullins, Jenn Martin 127E 660-543-8638
Price, Dr. Stephen Martin 136J 660-543-4922
Rennels, Dr. Arthur Martin 127E 660-543-8646
Rogers, Dr. Jack (Chair) Martin 136D 660-543-4842
von Schlemmer, Dr. Mark Martin 127E 660-543-8672
Emeriti Faculty
Baker, Dr. Barbara    
Cox, Dr. Sam    
Fair, Dr. Charles    
Rampal, Dr. Kuldip    
Smead, John    

Staff Office Phone
Myers, Stephanie Martin 136 660-543-4840
Plummer, Darin Martin 73 660-422-2661