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Department of Communication and Sociology

Martin Bldg., Room 136
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4840


M.S. Social Gerontology

Program Requirements

Student Learning Outcomes – The graduate with a Master of Science degree in Social Gerontology will use the knowledge and skills obtained in the program to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the social, psychological, economic and physical aspects of aging.
  • Examine the impact social policy has on the older person, families, long-term care workers, and the organizations for which they work.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the formal and informal system of social support available to older adults.
  • Engage in critical thinking by recognizing the complexity, ambiguity, and uncertainty that are present in the use of knowledge to address issues facing older adults.
  • Apply the knowledge he/she has learned in the classroom to organizations which work with older people; or if doing a thesis, demonstrate an ability to formulate an independent research question and conduct a project to assess the question.
  • Communicate effectively in both written and oral form.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of end-of-life issues.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of care-giving issues.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the ethical concerns involved in working with older adults.

To be accepted into this program, a student must have a minimum undergraduate grade point average of 2.75.  As part of the admissions process, each student seeking admission to the program as a degree-seeking candidate must submit a Statement of Purpose for Graduate Studies.  The statement should be 1-2 pages typed and double-spaced.  Please address the following areas in your statement:

  • The relationship (if any) between previous training, experience, and/or education and your professional goals.
  • Professional position(s) and career activities you wish to pursue after completing the program.
  • Specific goals you wish to achieve in your graduate studies.
  • Any additional information you feel is relevant.

This program is an interdisciplinary course of study designed for students seeking to prepare themselves for one of the many opportunities in the growing field of service for older adults. UCM offers both an on campus program in Warrensburg and an extended campus experience at the UCM Summit Center. The off-campus program centers around evening classes that rotate in a two year cycle. Courses are offered in a variety of formats: traditional classroom setting, online, and interactive television (I-TV).



SOC  5835     Proseminar in Social Gerontology (3)

SOC  5840     Applied Gerontology (3)

SOWK 4620   Social Services and Policy with Older Adults (3)

NUR  4405     Aging of Self and Others (3)

SOC  5820     Management and Administration in Older Adult Settings (3)

SOC  5805     Applied Social Research(3)

SOC  5815     Evaluation Research. (3)

SOC 5850      Internship in Gerontology (6)


SOC 6890      Thesis (6)

Department approved graduate electives (6)