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Economics, Finance & Marketing

Dockery 300I
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4246

Information on the Finance Program

Information on the Finance Program

The finance field is broad-based, offering career opportunities in at least three distinct areas:


            Analysis and management of investments or the sale of securities to individuals for investing purposes.  The two distinct career tracks are financial analysis, which is mathematical in nature,  and sales, which is highly people-oriented.

Banking and Financial Services

            Includes all traditional banking functions such as loan analysis, loan underwriting, and bank management, as well as other financial services such as insurance and employee benefits analysis.

Corporate Finance

            Finance in a corporation setting.  Involves analysis of long-term projects and cash flows, or shorter-term cash, inventory and payables management.  Many functions are related to accounting.

The curriculum at UCM provides education in each of these areas.  Elective courses can be structured to focus on one of the three areas. 

Many students completing the investments focus have taken the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) examinations.  The CFA designation, which requires candidates to pass three rigorous exams, is the gold standard of designations in the finance field, and is considered necessary for individuals pursuing careers in investment management and analysis.  Students interested in sale of securities are required by the Securities Exchange Commission to pass a series of license examinations offered by the National Association of Securities Dealers.  Typically, the firm of employment will sponsor the candidate to take these exams.

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