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Dr. Jessica Cannon

Dr. Jessica Cannon

Assistant Professor of History
Wood 136H

Bachelor of Arts in History, Wake Forest University
M.A. and Ph.D. in American History, Rice University

Professional Experience
-Assistant Professor of History, University of Central Missouri, Fall 2010-Present
-Lecturer in History, Rice University, 2007, 2009-2010
-NASA Cooperative Education Program Oral History Project Intern, History Office, NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX, 2007-2008
-Graduate Editorial Assistant, Journal of Southern History, 2004-2005
-Archives Student Assistant, North Carolina Baptist and Wake Forest University Archives, 2000-2002
-Editorial Assistant, Civil Rights and Oral History Project, Catoctin Center for Regional Studies, Frederick, MD 1998-2002

Civil War and Reconstruction; Nineteenth-century America; U.S. South; U.S. Military History

Research Interests
Border state identity in the antebellum and Civil War eras; Antebellum industrialization; Lafayette Escadrille and World War I aviation

Courses Taught
HIST 1350: U.S. History to 1877*
HIST 1351: U.S. History since 1877*
HIST 4314: Jacksonian America
HIST 4315: Civil War and Reconstruction
HIST 4316: American Military Experience*
HIST 4328: History of Flight*
HIST 4351: Special Topics in American History: The World Wars
HIST 5350: Graduate Colloquium: The Civil War Era
SOSC 3010: Writings in the Social Sciences (seminar with themes including: Topics in Southern History; The American Landscape; World War I)
HONR 3000: History of Flight (honors seminar)
HONR 3000: War and Society (honors seminar)

* designates courses taught in online and hybrid formats in addition to face-to-face sections.

Thesis Directed
"Slavery Continued: Peonage in Missouri," Master's Thesis by Jonathan Klusmeyer completed in 2013.

Selected Publications
-“Owls in Space: Rice University’s Connections to the Johnson Space Center,” Houston History magazine, v. 6 (Fall 2008), pp. 30–33.
-“Thoreau and His American Hero: In Support of John Brown’s ‘Raid,’” in Michael Powell and Bruce Thompson, eds., Mid-Maryland: A Crossroads of History, vol. I (Charleston, SC: History Press, 2005).

Book Reviews:
Numerous book reviews have appeared in the Journal of American History, Journal of Southern History, Missouri Historical Review, and Maryland Historical Magazine.

Selected Presentations
-“Capitalizing on the War: Baltimore's Economic Boom, Maryland's Wartime Bust,” Society for Civil War Historians (SCWH) Biennial Meeting, June 2014.
-“Antietam at 150: Memory and Meanings through Time,” keynote address at 30th Anniversary Honors Student Association Celebration, Frederick Community College, Frederick, Maryland, September 2012.
- “Maryland’s Journey North: Changing Identities in a Border State,” Society for Civil War Historians (SCWH) Biennial Meeting, June, 2012.
- “Those Industrious Dens of Iniquity: The Border State Identity Crisis,” Honors College Faculty Fellows Lecture Series, University of Central Missouri, March 2012.
- “Dissent on the Maryland Homefront,” Organization of American Historians (OAH) Annual Meeting, March 2009.

Grants, Awards, and Fellowships
-College of the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Scholarly Research Award, 2012.
-National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Stipend nominee (one of two competively selected from UCM), 2012.
-Honors College Faculty Fellow (one of two competively selected from across the UCM campus), 2011-2012.
-Historical Society of the Episcopal Church Research Grant, 2008.
-General and Mrs. Matthew B. Ridgeway Research Grant, U.S. Army Military History Institute, Carlisle, Pa., 2006.
-Lord Baltimore Fellowship, Maryland Historical Society, 2006.


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