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Rice, Dr. David

Dr. David Rice

David Rice, Ph.D.
Assistant Provost
Information Technology and Instruction
Dockery 212

CTL information

Atlanta, Georgia

AB Georgia State University 1966
MA Vanderbilt University 1968
Ph.D. Emory University 1973
Byler Distinguished Professor; Honors Program Distinguished Professor; Professor, Department of History and Anthropology; Chair, Department of History and Anthropology; Assistant Provost for Information Technology and Instruction, Director, Center for Teaching and Learning.

French Revolution and Napoleon

Because the French Revolution demonstrates the extremes of human thought and action.  It is both an inspiration and a warning.  If ever there was a lesson in the value of moderation, it was the French Revolution.

The First Chouteaus:  River Barons of Early St. Louis (with William E. Foley); A Bibliographical Guide to the Works of William Inge (with Arthur F. McClure); Ronald Reagan:  A Bibliography of the Movie Years (with Arthur F. McClure); Numerous Articles and Reviews.

Courses taught
French Revolution and Napoleon
Age of Absolutism and Enlightenment
Communist China
The U.S. in World War II
American Military Experience

Favorite historical figure
Franklin D. Roosevelt because his leadership was essential to American survival of the Great Depression and victory over some of the darkest forces in human history during World War II.

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