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Rorvig, Dr. Paul

660-543-8748Dr. Rorvig
Wood Building, R. 136L
University of Central Missouri
Warrensburg, MO 64093

Boonville, Missouri

BS in Education Southwest Missouri State 1974
MA University of Missouri 1982
Ph.D. University of Missouri 1993
Governor's Award for Excellence in Teaching

University of Central Missouri (1999+)
Central Methodist College (7 yrs)
Carrollton High School (11 yrs)
Lebanon High School (1 yr)

Social studies education; Modern American; US Diplomatic History

I grew up and came of age during the post-World War II era.   The events were part of my personal history.  Trying to understand the "whys" of this time is both fascinating and rewarding.

"The Significant Skirmish:  The Battle of Boonville, June 17, 1861."
"The Clash of the Giants:  The 1912 Presidential Election."
Numerous book reviews, primarily for Presidential Studies Quarterly.

Courses taught 
The Social Studies
Social Studies Methods
The US since 1945
American Diplomacy
Vietnam Era
American History Survey

Favorite historical figure
Lyndon Johnson.  He is such a fascinating personality, a study in contrasts.  He was cruel, crude, and careless, yet also kind, sensitive, and thoughtful.  In short, a complex man, much like this country.  Understand LBJ and we better understand this nation.  French leader Charles de Gaulle perhaps said it best "This man Kennedy is America's mask.  But this man Johnson, he is the country's real face." 

Favorite Links