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Choose Red. Choose the Department of History and Anthropology.
Earn your B.A., B.S. in History

Degree Programs

The department of History and Anthology offers several exciting degree programs where students can earn a complete bachelor's degree in one of the History/Anthropology disciplines, or include a minor with another degree program.

Current Students

Tips for academic success:

The department urges students to have an advisor within the department, in addition to having the academic advisor who actually registers students for classes. Our professors can talk to majors and minors about the subject matter in specific courses and about career objectives, graduate schools, etc. As soon as a student chooses a history or social studies major, he/she should come to the office in Wood Building, Room 136 and ask to be assigned a departmental advisor. We urge students to consult with their departmental advisors each semester prior to seeing their academic advisors in order to double check on requirements.

Upon completing 60 hours of course work, a student should request a DARs report from the academic advisor's office.  This is a way of checking that a student is fulfilling all necessary requirements to graduate. It is always a good idea to bring this one's departmental advisor as another check that all necessary work will be finished.