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Student Organizations

The department of History and Anthropology sponsors two student organizations, the History Club and the Anthropology Club. These groups usually meet once a month, and membership is open to any interested students, regardless of their majors. In the past these groups have planned field trips, brought guest speakers to campus, and conducted book sales to raise money for their activities.  Dr. Jessica Cannon is the advisor for the History Club.  The advisors for the Anthropology Club are Dr. Amber R. Clifford-Napoleone and Dr. Jeff Yelton.

University of Central Missouri also has a chapter of the national honor society for historians--Phi Alpha Theta. Induction into this honor society is based upon grade-point average and is by invitation of the department. Dr. Carol Heming and Dr. Sara Sundberg are the sponsors.

Students in the Department of History and Anthropology with suitable GPAs also qualify for membership in a national, interdisciplinary honor society, Phi Kappa Phi

Social Studies Education Student Groups

At the present time, there are no specific organizations for social studies education students; however, all of these students are eligible to join the UCM student chapter of the Missouri State Teachers Association (SMSTA). All social studies students are also eligible to join the different clubs in the discipline. Examples of these clubs are the History Club, the Political Science Club, the Anthropology Club, and the Geography Club.