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Employee Assistance Program

The objective of the New Directions Employee Assistance Program is to reduce problems in the work force and to retain valued employees. UCM recognizes that personal and work problems can be dealt with successfully when identified early and referred to appropriate care.

It is the purpose of this program to provide an opportunity for all employees to obtain confidential assistance in resolving personal and work problems as the need arises. While the employer does not intend to intrude upon employee's personal lives, the employer offers professional and confidential assistance to resolve problems when declining work performance, attendance or behavioral problems occur.

New Directions EAP will arrange for help or provide resources for emotional/behavioral, family and marital, alcohol and/or drug, financial, legal, work and other personal problems.

New Directions EAP resources provide problem assessment, short-term counseling and referral. Costs for these services are covered by the employer. Costs incurred for other services not covered by insurance or other benefits are the responsibility of the employee.

Employee Assistance Program FAQs
Program Details
Screening and Assessment
On-line Will Preparation - Notice to Employees

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