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Bachelor of Arts Degree

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology offers a balanced curriculum of classroom studies and practical experiences. The department has established four laboratories which include Neurocognition (EEG and psychophysiology), Behavioral Medicine and Biofeedback (behavioral analysis, learning, and relaxation), Experimental Psychology (social and cognitive studies) and Virtual Reality (addiction research and treatment of anxiety and phobic disorders).

To promote scholarship and research activities, the department maintains collaborative relationships with other universities, selected government agencies, and local schools. Whenever possible, students are encouraged to participate in faculty research projects on a voluntary basis. Faculty often present and publish research with students. A department computer laboratory is available to assist faculty and students with research studies, data analysis, and word processing.

About the Faculty

The student-faculty ratio at UCM is about 17 to 1, which allows for personalized attention for each student. In addition to a wide range of academic and professional experience, all members of the department's tenured faculty have earned doctorates and participate in research, workshops, and seminars. Faculty members also regularly publish research articles, book chapters, and abstracts, as well as submit grant proposals to internal and external funding sources and make research presentations at conventions of major psychological associations/societies.

Student Involvement

There are many ways for students to become involved with psychology at UCM. Membership in student organizations provides an avenue for active participation with the community, and other psychology students and faculty.

The Psychology Club brings together students who have an interest in the field and facilitates, maintains, and expands student-faculty interactions. Qualified students may be invited to become members of Psi Chi, the psychology honor society. This organization was established to promote and sustain educational excellence in the study of psychology and related areas.

Students are also encouraged to work with faculty on research papers and presentations. Each year, students present their faculty-sponsored research at the Great Plains Student Psychology Conference and the Missouri Undergraduate Psychology Conference, as well as at major professional conferences such as the American Psychology Association and the Association for Psychological Science.

Career Opportunities

Students with an undergraduate degree in psychology pursue careers with government agencies, private industry or educational institutions. Most employers look for individuals with good analytical abilities, a working knowledge of statistical software packages and effective written and verbal communication skills.

Employers also seek out psychology majors because most have welldeveloped interpersonal skills and are interested in working with people. Many graduates work in the fields of mental health, rehabilitation, geriatric care, applied research or corrections. However, employers are often interested in hiring psychology majors for positions in sales, banking, insurance, and management. A number of industries and government agencies recruit psychology majors and train them for specific jobs, most with potential for advancement. A significant number of graduates pursue doctoral studies in areas such as clinical, counseling, school, and experimental psychology. Psychology graduates also have pursued law school and other professional programs.


Central Missouri's Office of Career Services can help students who seek employment, as well as serve officials of business, government, industry and education who seek prospective employees. Interviews are conducted on campus throughout the year.


In addition to $7 million in university scholarships presented to Central Missouri students each year, the department offers the Jerome M. Sattler Endowment Research Awards, Department of Psychological Science Tuition Awards, the Arthur John Ter Keurst and Robert N. Higgins Scholarships.

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