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Learning Commons

Free tutoring in more than 70 UCM courses.

Mentoring, Advocacy and Peer Support

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UCM values lifelong learning

The University of Central Missouri's commitment to continuous learning allows students to find their own sense of purpose and equips them with the tools to make it a reality.

The cornerstones of UCM are future-focused academic programs, engaged learning opportunities, culture of service and worldly perspective. These building blocks allow students to flourish at UCM, and, most importantly, these elements prepare them for a life of continuous learning. At UCM, students will experience learning to a greater degree.

Our Majors
At UCM, you will gain valuable hands-on experience and real-world skills to help you excel in a fast-paced world. See our list of undergraduate majors for descriptions of each program and a four-year plan of study tailored to your needs. UCM also offers a number of minors to help customize your education.

General Education Requirements
To complete a degree from UCM, students must complete a specific number of credits from several general education areas.

Learning to a Greater Degree Contract
UCM is strengthening its commitment to student success by providing more resources for expanded learning, living and dining opportunities. The Learning to a Greater Degree Contract is UCM's promise that with your commitment, we will be by your side helping you complete your college degree on time.

Graduate Studies
Our graduate programs offer both high academic quality and convenience, with many courses offered online, in the evening, or on weekends. Several degree programs can be completed online.

Study Abroad Opportunities
Students may study in more than 60 countries. While studying abroad through a UCM-sponsored program, students pay in-state UCM tuition and are enrolled as full-time students and can use their financial aid to fund their study.

Summer Sessions
Continue your education during the summer by taking one of UCM's courses offered in the summer. Accelerate your education and get your degree quicker!

Authority to Confer Degrees
As set forth in Missouri Revised Statutes Chapter 174 at 174.160, UCM has been assigned the authority to confer degrees. The Board of Regents of each state college and each state teachers college shall have power and authority to confer upon students, by diploma under the common seal, such degrees as are usually granted by such colleges.