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Modern Languages

Area 2: Professional Applications - Public Relations Concentration, Bachelor of Arts Degree

Thinking about a language major or minor? Consider this: a language major or minor will make you more competitive on the job market. Indeed, studying a language gives you a skill set that is widely applicable and pairs ideally with virtually any course of study as a second major or minor. A second language can be of great professional value in fields such as criminal justice, education, social work, business, medicine, sciences, engineering, computing, music, art, law, public relations, politics, tourism, and technology.

Studying a language gives you solid preparation for understanding and dealing with an entirely new culture - a skill that is increasingly important in today's global society. Proficiency in foreign languages and an understanding of other cultures tells a potential employer that you are flexible in learning and thinking, and it can put you in a position to travel or complete an international internship or scholarship. If you plan to continue on in higher education, second language proficiency is a desirable asset in many graduate programs.


The Modern Languages Major requires 36 hours of course work beyond the elementary sequence in French, German or Spanish. It is not necessary to formally declare which language you wish to study, but all course work must be in the same language. While there are no specific course requirements, prerequisites dictate that some classes that must be taken in sequence. These vary by language, so it is important to consult with a ModernLanguages faculty member for advising and degree planning.

Students majoring in Modern Languages must choose one of two Areas: Language and Culture, or Professional Applications. The Language and Culture Area includes only the 36-hour major; no minor is required. The Professional Applications Area requires an additional 30-hour Concentration in one of five careertraining fields: Marketing, Criminal Justice, Education, Hospitality Management, or Public Relations. These optional Concentrations each include a hands-on internship or practicum. Advisors will work with students to help them pursue internships that provide the opportunity to use second language skills in a professional setting. A variety of courses is available to students in either track, including conversation, business, composition, film, literature, and culture classes.

Study Abroad

Study abroad is an important component of learning a second language. All majors and minors are strongly encouraged to include study abroad in their programs. Most students in French and German, who wish to graduate in four years, will need to study abroad. Currently, UCM offers opportunities to study in many Spanish, German and French speaking countries during the summer, fall, spring, or entire academic year. Financial aid can be applied to UCM-sponsored programs, and additional financial assistance for studying abroad may be available from the International Center.

Student Activities

Students can enhance their academic and cultural experience by participating in a variety of Modern Languages Club activities: "Day of the Dead Celebration", "Foreign Flicks", "Fondue Night", "Kaffeestuden", "International Food Day" and "Tabla de conversación". There are also other activities geared toward helping students improve their language skills: 1) advanced level students volunteer to tutor students at the beginning level and, 2) international students work as conversation group leaders to help our French, German and Spanish students improve their speaking skills.

Program Delivery

The latest and best instructional technology and methods are used. Courses in each language cover basic skills, conversation, civilization, contemporary life and literature. Students are able to practice their skills in a state-of-the-art computerized language laboratory. Many resources offered to students can be accessed from any Internet-connected computer.

Financial Assistance

Employment in the language laboratory is available on a competitive basis to modern language students. Two endowed scholarships in Spanish also are available.

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