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Aviation Management

Option 1: Flight Operations Management, Bachelor of Science Degree

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The Department of Aviation offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Flight Operations Management. The mission of the Flight Operations Management Program is to provide students the education and experience needed to work in the flight operations division of an airline or other aviation related company. This program has been accredited by the Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI).


Aviation students may apply for an internship to utilize classroom and laboratory principles and theories in actual work situations. Internships are normally scheduled during the last half of an undergraduate program or during graduate work. Students earn from one to nine semester hours of credit upon completion of an internship. Internships may be arranged with airlines, manufacturers, airports or government agencies depending on interests and career goals of students.

Facilities and Equipment

The Department of Aviation has some of the finest facilities available to prepare students for positions in aviation both on campus and at UCM's Max B. Swisher Skyhaven Airport. The university owns 18 flightready aircraft including: a fleet of Cessna 172 Skyhawks, multi-engine aircraft, and gliders are available for flight training. In addition, the university has a hot-air balloon, which may be used to earn a rating. The department's flight simulation equipment includes several advanced aviation flight training devices: including a 737 NG AAFD in the TR Gaines Technology Building. This device exposes students to realistic air carrier training scenarios and environment. There are no flight requirements for Flight Operations.

Student Involvement

Several student organizations exist in the department to enhance the development of special interests and talents of students. Alpha Eta Rho, a national aviation fraternity, is dedicated to the professional development of students majoring in aviation. A Chapter of Women in Aviation International (WAI) is a professional organization that promotes training and career awareness.

The National Intercollegiate Flight Team, which promotes excellence in flight performance, has established an enviable record at both regional and national levels. Students who are interested in airport management can also join the local chapter of the American Association of Airport Executives to learn about the profession and build networking relationships.

Special Services

A number of special aviation services are offered at Central Missouri, including an introductory course in aeronautics and a summer aerospace education class for elementary and secondary teachers. Special training programs and classes are also taught by UCM faculty to serve the aviation industry. FAA computerized tests with immediate results are available through the department's LaserGrade testing center.

Career Opportunities

Depending on their interests and areas of specialization, graduates have a variety of job opportunities. Careers for flight operations management graduates include FAA Safety Operations Inspector, Ground Operations Coordinator, Fleet Service Operations Agent, Operations Duty Officer, Flight Operations Technician, Recruiter Operations Technician, Technical Operations Systems Analyst, Dispatch Operation Coordinator and Ramp Operation Agent.


In addition to nearly $7 million in scholarships provided through a variety of merit-based university scholarship programs, the Department of Aviation also offers an Achievement Award for students displaying exceptional talent in aviation areas.

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