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The art education program at University of Central Missouri is designed to simultaneously develop the artistic abilities, knowledge and thinking of the student, as well as the skills and understanding required for entry into the profession of teaching. The philosophy of the department is that art teachers should be dedicated to ongoing development of their knowledge of art and ability as artists, in addition to becoming skilled practitioners in the art of teaching Central Missouri's Department of Art & Design is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). UCM is the only state supported 4-year institution in Missouri with NASAD accreditation, and has been since 1986. The Teacher Education Program is accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). Students receive the Bachelor of Science in Education degree (BSE) which provides them with K-12 Missouri teaching certification in art. The courses that prepare the student specifically to be an art teacher are taken within the art department, while classes that deal with general knowledge and skills for teaching are taken within the College of Education.

About the Faculty

The Department of Art & Design has an outstanding faculty with extensive records of achievement and recognition in research and exhibition who are committed to teaching and developing the artistic potential of every student. The art education program is directed by two full-time faculty, both with public school teaching experience and strong connections to art education professional organizations. One of the faculty members is a Bylar award winner, past president of the Missouri Art Education Association, and a former Missouri Art Educator of the Year. Both have been recognized for their research in art education, and both continue to practice and exhibit their work in addition to their teaching and research in art education.

Studio Art

Art education majors acquire a broad base of experience in studio art. For every student, this foundation includes multiple courses in drawing and design, as well as courses in painting, sculpture, ceramics, fibers, and printmaking. Students choose one area of emphasis in which they take an additional six credit hours. These additional classes serve to further develop the student's potential as an artist through acquisition of more advanced knowledge and skill with one particular medium.

Art History, Art Criticism and Aesthetics

Equally important in the art education program is the student's knowledge and understanding of the art world: the history of art (both western and non-western, historical and contemporary), knowledge of art criticism strategies, and understanding philosophies of art through the study of aesthetics. While these concepts are integrated throughout classes in the program, a sequence of five classes is devoted specifically to these topics in order to provide a solid foundation in the traditions, ideas and concepts specific to art and culture.

Art Education

Classes Students learn about the artistic development of children and adolescents. They learn to use a comprehensive approach for teaching art in which Art Production as an activity is connected to Art History, Art Criticism, and Aesthetics. Partnerships have been established with area schools, and students have opportunities to try out their art teaching ideas at these locations.

Employment Opportunities

K-12 certification enables the graduate in art education to apply for teaching jobs at any grade level, elementary through high school. Historically, Central Missouri's graduates have been in high demand, with a high percentage of students finding teaching jobs after their graduation for the next school year. Alumni are in positions of leadership and responsibility in many of the area's top schools and art programs. In regard to job opportunities out of state, recent graduates have been successful in extremely competitive situations. Acquiring teaching certification in another state has not proven to be difficult.

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