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The Philosophy major in the Department of English and Philosophy offers a Bachelor of Arts degree program. Philosophy majors are taught how to think, not what to think. Consequently they will be better able to meet societal needs for they will have the following knowledge and skills: conduct independent research, think, write, and communicate with clarity and precision, identify assumptions and presuppositions in their own and other's reasoning, problem solving skills in many different areas, make conceptual distinctions that others may not see, think logically, thus objectively, about social problems, which is important in an age of increasing technology in all areas. Furthermore, philosophy graduates are increasingly finding employment in the fields of finance, property development, health, social work and a wide array of government and private sector companies.

About the Faculty

The Philosophy Program at UCM has 3 Ph.D. qualified faculty members with varied areas of specialization, one of whom also has a decade of clinical nursing experience. This latter qualification is important to meet the demand for courses in applied ethics, such as biomedical ethics and business ethics. All of our faculty pursue their intellectual interests by research, publication, and presentations at regional, national, and international conferences. In addition, faculty encourage students to present their research at student philosophy conferences around the country. Our faculty are fully committed to students and this personal attention is embraced by UCM's 18 to 1 student-faculty ration. Students who major in philosophy will be assigned a faculty member to assist them in planning their degree program.

Student Involvement

Philosophy students, owing to the nature of philosophical studies and its intersection with other disciplines, have numerous opportunities to actively participate in student organizations such as the Philosophy Club. The Philosophy Club is organized by students under the sponsorship of a faculty member. While the activities of the club are determined by the interests of the students involved, they generally include such activities as discussion groups, reading groups, informal presentations of student and faculty research. In addition, because of varied nature of philosophical studies, students who have political interests may join the College Democrats or College Republicans organizations; students interested in issues in the philosophy of mind might consider joining the Psychology Club; students interested in philosophy of religion might join any of the several religious clubs on campus.

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