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Computer Science

Area 4: Game Development, Bachelor of Science Degree

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The computer industry is one of the fastest growing segments of our economy. Computers are used in almost every aspect of our lives from desktops at home and work to mainframe computers in government and industry to supercomputers expanding the frontiers of science and technology. More than ever, there is a demand for a work force with scientific and technical training necessary to perform effectively on the job.

UCM's Department of Mathematics and Computer Science is meeting this expanding need with a program that includes indepth training in computer science. The undergraduate computer science curriculum is designed according to ACM's curricula recommendations, and is periodically revised to meet the fast changing pace of computer science in today's world. It consists of classic topics in computer science, as well as a strong component of application programming and system design to align with the computer industry standards. Besides the software development arena, the curriculum also provides significant coverage of computer systems and architecture.

Computer Facilities

The computer science program is supported by three laboratories of networked PCs running Linux and Windows. Electronic mail, World Wide Web access, programming language compilers, and a variety of computer software are available. Laboratory access is available via the Internet. The Computer Science program is a member of the Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance (MSDNAA) and Oracle Academic Initiative (OAI).

About the Faculty

Computer science classes are taught by experienced and caring faculty members who believe in individualized attention for their students. The student-faculty ratio at Central Missouri is about 17 to 1. The computer science faculty conduct both theoretical and applied research in their own areas, present their research results at various national/international conferences, and produce publications in major research journals. They are also committed to deliver today's technology to students.

Student Involvement

The department sponsors a student chapter of ACM. It provides our computer science students with a platform of peer interaction and active participation in out-of-theclassroom experiences.

Career Opportunities

Demand for computer science professionals in the United States and Missouri grows faster than universities can produce graduates. The Bureau of Labor Statistics listed the fastest growing occupations in the US that require a Bachelor's degree or higher through year 2020. Four of the top 15 fastest growing occupations are computer related.

Computer Science is one of the four high-demanded occupational categories in the state of Missouri. These disciplinary areas have been characterized as pivotal for the future of the state. Similar to the national trend, three of the top ten fastest growing occupations in Missouri that require a Bachelor's degree or higher are computer related. Graduates from computer science programs have long known that CS leads to great jobs and careers.

Here at the University of Central Missouri, the job placement of our graduates is excellent. According to the recent report from the Office of Career Services at UCM, our computer science students are among the most successful in finding jobs. Our computer science graduates are employed in companies such as Sprint, Boeing, VMWare, Cerner, Garmin, DST, YRC Worldwide, Honeywell, MasterCard, Commerce Bank, UMB, All-State, Shelter Insurance, AIG, Computer Associates International, Busch, and Scottrade with high starting salaries.

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