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Graphic Design

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree

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Through University of Central Missouri's Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Graphic Design program, students develop their creative talents and technical skills to become graphic designers in advertising agencies, design firms, public relations, direct mail, in-house art departments of magazines and newspapers, book publishers, retail chains, commercial printing firms, freelance and other creative venues.

Students master creative problem solving, conceptual and aesthetic judgment, and the use of computer technology as a design tool through instruction from highly experienced faculty and from hands-on experience in studios and laboratories.

Career Opportunities

There are career opportunities available globally and for a wide range of salaries. Typical kinds of work assignments include logo/trademark design, package design, publication design, advertising design, layout, type design, web page design and motion design executed for magazines, newspapers, newsletters, annual reports, advertising, book jackets, CD covers, posters, film and television. Students are encouraged to seek professional internships and may receive course credit.

The BFA in Graphic Design keeps up with a changing industry and graduates hold fulfilling employment across the nation and in many foreign countries. Because of this, UCM's Graphic Design program continues to grow in both numbers and quality. The combination of talent, motivation, program content, and excellent instruction continues to serve our Graphic Design majors'; career objectives well.

State-of-the Art Facilities

Students use up-to-date Macintosh computers, software, scanners, printers and other peripherals that are standard in their career field as an integral part of their education. In addition, through required support courses from the School of Technology, students gain skills and knowledge of the commercial printing industry, i.e. photography, prepress, and digital imaging, as an important adjunct to their creative skill set.


UCM's Department of Art & Design is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). UCM is the only state-supported four-year school in Missouri with such accreditation. Of the approximately 2,000 college art programs nationwide, NASAD has approved less than 15 percent, based on proven rigor and content. UCM has held NASAD accreditation continuously since 1986.


Our students have opportunities with professional groups in Kansas City including the Ad Club and American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA). Locally, we have an active AIGA UCM student group. Many students choose to live in the "ARTSHIP" residence hall community for art majors. The BFA in Graphic Design program is one of the larger majors on campus and students enjoy fellowship with a diverse group of peers.

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