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The two degree options for English majors are housed in the Department of English and Philosophy, a large department with a diverse faculty dedicated to teaching a wide variety of courses in literature, writing, linguistics, and critical thought. A number of students from across the university maintain their interest in reading, writing, and critical thinking by choosing to minor in English, creative writing, or philosophy. These minors complement almost any other major.

Bachelor of Arts in English

With flexibility and creativity, an English major can use this versatile degree to land a job in business, government, or the non-profit sector. Employers need employees with the analytical skills and writing abilities students develop by majoring in English. This degree also provides a good foundation for further study at the graduate and professional levels. Law, library science, and teaching English as a second language are among the fields that have attracted our graduates. Of course, some BA in English graduates pursue graduate studies in literature to teach English at the post-secondary level.

The BA in English degree program consists of courses in Shakespeare, History of the English Language, and literature (American, British and world). Students have considerable flexibility in choosing which courses will fulfill the BA in English requirements.

Bachelor of Science in English

Education Central Missouri's BSE in English program is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education and the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. This degree leads to certification for teaching high school English in Missouri. Certification may be transferable to other states, depending on their requirements.

An attractive feature of the BSE degree is the program's excellent placement record; nearly all of our students who have sought a teaching job in Missouri have found one. Graduates find their work with high school students challenging and rewarding. Like the BA, the BSE also provides a good foundation for graduate work in English and other fields.

The courses required for the BSE degree include courses in American, British, and World Literature; Composition and Evaluation, Advanced Rhetoric, English Grammar, History of the English Language, Literature for Adolescents, and a block of professional education courses. During the last semester of undergraduate study, students perform supervised student teaching in a Missouri high school.

Student Activities

Students in both degree programs are eligible to apply for membership in Sigma Tau Delta, the English Honor Society. Affiliated with the national organization, the local chapter serves as a social and service organization for English majors. Recent chapter activities include book sales, poetry readings, pizza parties, and theater trips.

English majors interested in creative writing can earn a minor in that area and participate in the editing process of Pleiades: A Journal of New Writing, the highly regarded, internationally distributed literary magazine produced by the department's award-winning creative writing faculty.

Faculty in all areas of the department work closely with students while maintaining their own research interests, and English majors generally get to know several faculty members well.

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