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The Bachelor of Arts degree in History at the University of Central Missouri provides wonderful opportunities for students to study the wealth of human experience, diverse cultures, and world civilizations.

In an age when the capacity for exceptional critical thinking skills is imperative, the history degree seeks to achieve that goal. The traditional history degree sharpens reading, communication, and analytical abilities while fashioning students into active, lifelong learners. The degree also uses history as a backdrop toward a better understanding of the complex world around us today.

The history degree prepares graduates for a wide variety of careers. These include teaching, law, government service, the diplomatic corps, journalism, politics, business, tourism, museum and archival work, and managing historical sites.

About the Faculty

Our faculty has a distinguished reputation and is dedicated to the growth and professional development of its students, in addition to being actively involved in research, writing, and public service. Faculty members have published many books and scholarly articles, participated in regional, national, and international conferences, and received numerous grants and awards for study and research. In addition to their wide range of academic and professional experience, all faculty members have earned doctorates in their fields of expertise.

The department offers expertise in both American and World history, including but not limited to the entire range of American history from the colonial period to today, Asian history, Middle Eastern history, Latin American history, and the history of Europe from the middle ages to the present.


The department also offers an individualized major and a minor in anthropology. These degrees open additional doors of study to students. While some perceptions place anthropologists in ancient ruins of remote lands, much more frequently they find careers working alongside business people, medical doctors and researchers, health care specialists, and politicians.

Student Involvement

We encourage students to supplement their academic programs through international study and participation in campus organizations of special professional, service, and academic interest. The History and Anthropology Clubs provide opportunities for students to have personal and informal association with the faculty and other history and anthropology students outside of the classroom. Recent club activities have included an anthropology film series and field trips to historic sites in the region. Qualified students may also seek membership in Phi Alpha Theta, the national history honor society, which encourages excellence in the study of history.

Special Facilities

UCM houses some extraordinary collections. History and anthropology faculty members are dedicated curators of the university's archives and museum, located in the James C. Kirkpatrick Library. In additional to the museum's many collections, including the distinguished Paul Nance Middle East Collection, and other historical items on display, various exhibits are featured throughout the year for public viewing. Students may also enhance their education through learning experiences at local facilities, such as Blind Boone Park, the Howard School, and Pertle Springs, and through international opportunities.


Students have the opportunity to pursue internships that will enhance their knowledge and skills and provide real world experience. The department has placed interns at the Truman Library, the Midwest Center for Holocaust Education, Whiteman Air Force Base, the National Archives in Kansas City, Pioneer Bluffs Historical Site, and at archives and museums in Jefferson City, Johnson County and Henry County, to name just a few.


The Department of History and Anthropology presents semester Achievement Awards to students who excel academically. Other available scholarships include the Demand Scholarship in history, A. E. Twomey Scholarship in history, and A. F. McClure Scholarship in archives.

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