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Medical Technology offers exciting educational and career opportunities for students wishing to combine an interest in the sciences with laboratory medicine. As vital members of the health care team, medical technologists perform diagnostic laboratory tests used to prevent, diagnose, and treat disease.

Technologist have diverse career opportunities in hospital, university, government, and industrial laboratories. They represent the upper division of medical laboratory personnel and can pursue challenging positions in laboratory administration, specialized research, technical services, marketing, or education. Graduates are qualified to enter graduate programs leading to master's and doctoral degrees. Medical technology is a very good choice of undergraduate major for those interested in professional school because it provides an excellent foundation in diagnostic medicine.

The practice of modern medicine would not be possible without the tests performed in clinical laboratories. Medical technologists perform and supervise tests on blood, tissue, and body fluids, using precision instruments such as microscopes and automated, computerized analyzers. They also establish and monitor quality control programs, which ensure the precision and accuracy of both the instruments and the laboratory staff. They are able to recognize interdependency of tests and have knowledge of physiological conditions affecting test results. These skills are necessary in order to provide correct data which is used by the physician in determining the presence, extent, and as far as possible, the cause of disease. The medical technologist is also knowledgeable in all areas of the laboratory and are able to perform all routine and specialized procedures, as well as assuming supervisory and teaching positions.

Classroom learning is reinforced in most courses through practical laboratory experiences. A new Molecular Science Research Lab and Animal Research Facility allows use of molecular techniques in courses and new courses in biotechnology.

Before admission to the medical technology training program at Central's affiliated hospitals, a student must first earn a minimum of 94 semester hours of college credit. After a satisfactory completion of the training program, students are awarded a degree and are eligible and expected to take the national certification examination.

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