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A bachelor's degree in nursing from UCM can be the beginning of the most flexible, challenging and rewarding career in health care. While earning their degrees, Central Missouri's nursing students receive experience in both rural and urban environments. Two semesters are offered on the main campus in Warrensburg with clinical practica at nearby agencies. Two semesters of courses are offered at the Central Summit Center with clinical practica in several Kansas City area health care facilities including Children's Mercy Hospital, St. Joseph Medical Center, St. Luke's Medical Center, and North Kansas City Hospital.

Upon completing UCM's four-year nursing program, nursing graduates are eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN) for Registered Nurses. After passing this exam, graduates are qualified to practice as registered nurses.

Professionals can upgrade from RN to a bachelor's degree through Central Missouri's "RN-BS" option within the nursing major. Registered nurses face increasingly complex demands that require a broadbased bachelor's degree preparation. The "RN -BS" option enhances a nurse's ability to think critically, to demonstrate leadership skills, and to understand the complexity of professional nursing. Upon earning the Bachelor of Science degree, a nurse is eligible to continue his or her education at the master's degree level, further enhancing career opportunities.

Career Opportunities

UCM's nursing graduates choose from a wide range of options, from working with newborns to being a flight nurse on a helicopter to forensic nursing with a BS(N).

Undergraduate nursing majors from Central Missouri often continue their education in our graduate nursing program featuring two diverse specialty areas. Advancing one's nursing education at UCM can open up new career opportunities in administration, private practice, research, consultation, and many other careers.

Job Outlook

Career opportunities in nursing are expected to grow. More than 1.2 million nurses will be needed nationwide by 2014. As our population becomes more diverse, there is a need for nurses of all ethnic and racial backgrounds. Earnings are above average when compared to other professions. Schedules are flexible with work available part time, full time or any time of day anywhere worldwide.

Special Facilities

Once admitted to the nursing program, our junior nursing students attend classes located in the nursing department in Warrensburg and receive diverse clinical experiences in a rural environment. Senior nursing students attend classes located at UCM Summit Center in Lee's Summit and receive diverse clinical experiences in an urban environment. Upon graduation, our nursing students have developed the flexibility to perform well in any environment in which they choose to practice.

Admission Requirements

Students entering UCM as freshmen or by transfer should indicate a pre-nursing major and have a program-scheduling appointment with an adviser in the Department of Nursing when enrolled in NUR 1700. This appointment is made by calling 660-543-4775. Students are admitted into the program twice a year following Department of Nursing acceptance and satisfactory completion of prerequisite courses.

Students apply for admission to the nursing program as sophomores, a year in advance. The application through NursingCAS is due July 1 for spring admission and by January 1 for fall admission. Requirements to be met are completing nursing prerequisites and General Education requirements; minimum grade point average of 2.75; minimum of a "C" in prerequisite courses.

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