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University of Central Missouri students can seek a Bachelor of Science degree in athletic training. In the spring of 2007 UCM received accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE). Upon graduation, and after successfully completing their BOC examination, individuals with this degree may work in many different settings, including high schools, universities, rehabilitation clinics, corporate fitness centers, as well as professional and industrial areas.

Opportunities for Students

Central Missouri athletic training majors have the opportunity to interact with staff athletic trainers, physicians, a wide variety of allied health care providers, and a diverse population of student athletes. These unique clinical rotations assist the student in experiencing the different types of injuries and conditions associated with physical activity and sport participation. Students gain most of their clinical experiences on the UCM main campus by working with staff athletic trainers who oversee the healthcare of various athletic teams. UCM offers many men's and women's athletic teams who compete in NCAA Division II. The Athletic Training Education Program has a close affiliation with several physician groups as well as regional high schools where the students perform their off-campus clinical rotations. Other elective clinical opportunities include working with professional organizations, including the National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball, the National Football League, and the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA).

About the Faculty

In addition to a wide a range of academic and professional experience, 90 percent of the department's faculty members have earned doctorates in their fields. Active research, workshops and seminars keep faculty members current in their disciplines.

Student Organizations

Since 2004 the athletic training majors have been involved in a student organization titled the Athletic Training Student Association (ATSA). This organization assists students in their development as future certified athletic trainers.

About the Department

The Department of Nutrition and Kinesiology's mission is to develop successful professionals in Nutrition and Kinesiology, instilling an appreciation for helping all people lead healthy and physically active lifestyles. The department emphasizes technology in all areas of its curriculum, and students become well versed in the use of multimedia and electronic University Library & Research Skills. Students learn to use specialized software to learn established medical documentation, conduct nutritional analysis, front office operations, and other essential functions. They also develop Internet expertise through a wide variety of classroom and laboratory assignments.


The main facility utilized by the Athletic Training Education Program is housed within the new Dr. Ronald "Doc" Van Dam Athletic Training Facility in the recently renovated Morrow-Garrison complex. The facility boasts 6,000 square feet for classrooms and student learning labs, rehabilitation /reconditioning equipment usage, a physician examination room along with the main Athletic Training Room utilized by UCM staff Athletic Trainers. Additional on campus Athletic Training facilities utilized by the ATEP are located at the Football Stadium, South Recreation, and the Multipurpose Building.


The Dr. Ronald Van Dam Scholarship is available to students who major in athletic training. The department also offers many other scholarships to students in the Department of Nutrition and Kinesiology.

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