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Physical Education

Bachelor of Science Degree - Option 1 Elementary - Secondary Certification K-12

Students who major in physical education may select a specialization in elementary-secondary physical education. The program is fully accredited through the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).

The physical education teacher education program has strong practical experiences associated with coursework that provides students with real life experiences before they graduate. In addition to meeting rigorous academic standards, physical education teacher education majors must complete and pass a state certification examination and submit a teacher work sample to meet certification requirements.

During the final semester, candidates complete their student teaching experience in high-quality physical education programs typically within 60-70 miles of Warrensburg. All students are specially trained in the use of technology (heart rate monitors, iPads, pedometers, grade book systems, web pages) specific to the discipline of physical education.

Physical education graduates from University of Central Missouri have more than a 90 percent placement rate in public and private schools.


Scholarships are available to outstanding students majoring in physical education, including the Jessie B. Jutten Physical Education Scholarship, the M. Ruth Sevy Memorial Scholarship, the Clarence and Christine Whiteman Scholarship, and the Dr. Robert Tompkins Memorial Scholarship, and the William and Dorothy Brewster Scholarship. About the Faculty In addition to a wide a range of academic and professional experience, 90 percent of the department's faculty members have earned doctorates in their fields. Active research, workshops and seminars keep faculty members current in their disciplines.

Student Organizations

The Physical Education Club is designed to bring together students who have an interest in physical education and related fields, increasing their understanding of the various specialty areas in the profession.

About the Department

The Department of Nutrition and Kinesiology's mission is to develop successful professionals in Nutrition and Kinesiology, instilling an appreciation for helping all people lead healthy and physically active lifestyles. The department emphasizes technology in all areas of its curriculum, and students become well versed in the use of multimedia and electronic University Library & Research Skills. They also develop Internet expertise through a wide variety of classroom and laboratory assignments.

Special Facilities

Physical education students benefit from the human performance laboratory located in Morrow 151. The lab is utilized for specific classes in several of the department's curricula. Students have the opportunity to assist with many of the research projects conducted in the facility. The lab is equipped with a ParvoMedics diagnostic metabolic system, Peak Motus video digitizing system, Kistler mobile force platform, a Life Measurement BOD POD, 12-lead ECG monitoring system, research grade treadmill, mechanical and electromechanically braked cycle ergometers, spirometer for pulmonary function assessment, pulse oximeter, bone densitometer, lactate analyzer, and various flexibility and muscle strength assessment devices.

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