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Waitlisting for a Class

Things to Know about the Waitlist:

  • The waitlist is like gambling, there is no guarantee that you will get in the course.

  • If there is an open section of the same course, it is generally better to go with the sure bet (the open class) than to hope for enrollment in the waitlisted section.

  • The waitlist is first-come, first served. The first student added to a waitlist will be the first person to get a seat when one opens.

  • You cannot be enrolled in one section of a class and waitlist a different section of the same class

  • You cannot waitlist more than one section of the same class.

  • You cannot waitlist a class that is at the same time as a course you are already enrolled in.

  • You cannot waitlist a class that you do not meet the prerequisites for.
  • If enrollment in the waitlisted class will put you over your maximum hours allowed, you will not be added to the class.

  • Keep track of your waitlisted classes, if you get put into a class from the waitlist you are responsible for paying for the class.  If you never attend, you will get an F in the course.

How to Add Yourself to a Wait List:

  • If you want to waitlist for a course that is closed (designated by a C in the left hand column of the “Look Up Classes to Add” screen), you first need to make sure that the class is available to waitlist.  The columns "WL Cap, WL Act, and WL Rem" show the capacity, actual enrollment and remaining seats on a waitlist. If the "WL Rem" is greater than 0, you can add yourself to the waitlist. If the "WL Cap" is 0, the course does not currently offer a waitlist.

  • If there are available seats on a waitlist, write down the 5-digit CRN for the course.

  • Click on the “Add to Worksheet” button at the bottom of the page, then type in the CRN for the closed class and click on “Submit Changes”.

  • The next screen will show you that the class is CLOSED – WAITLISTED (or OPEN – WAITLISTED if someone has dropped the class, but their seat is being held for the first person on the waitlist).
  • Select "Waitlist" in the drop down box under "Action".

  • Click on “Submit Changes” again and you will be added to the wait list.  Your list of classes on the registration screen will show either REGISTERED or WAITLISTED.
  • To view the courses you have waitlisted, go to the "Add/Drop Classes" screen in the "Student Services" tab in My Central.

  • Check your campus e-mail account regularly for notification of wait list activity.  Enrollment from the waitlist is processed by the computer each night.  So when someone drops the full class, their seat will appear to be open on the class search screens – however, that seat is really being saved for the first person on the waitlist.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Waitlist:

How often does the waitlist run?

The waitlist runs every hour, Monday-Saturday, from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm and on Sundays from 12 pm to 10 pm. So if someone drops a class at 6:15 am, that seat will be held until 7:00 am when it runs again.

Why does the system show a seat available, but I can’t enroll in it? The system tells me it’s closed, but it shows at least one seat open.

If you want to add a class that appears to have one or two seats available, you will want to check first to see if there is a waitlist for that class. If there is a seat open, but a wait list already in effect (number under WL Act for the waitlist is greater than 0), you will NOT be able to enroll in that seat. You have caught the system at a time when a seat became available prior to the processing (done once each night) of the first person on the wait list.

When will the wait list be dropped?

For fall and spring full-semester classes the waitlist will end on the fourth day of the class.  The waitlist for second half semester classes will end on the third day of the class. These dates coincide with the last day to add a full/half semester class and the last day for a 100% refund for a full/half semester class. 

During the summer semester the waitlist will end on the first day of a class.

After the above deadlines, if you wish to get into a full class you will need to speak with the department chairperson over the course.  Academic advisors and individual instructors do not have the authority to override a full section.  If a department chair gives you permission for a late enrollment, they will need to enroll you in the course.

If you are added to a class from the waitlist, you will receive an e-mail to your UCM account.  If you are not added to the class before the waitlist shuts off, you will not be notified.  Be sure to check your schedule in MyCentral to confirm your enrollment.  Students are responsible for payment and grades in all classes they are enrolled in.  Do not assume you will be dropped from a class if you've never attended.

What is my responsibility when I add myself to a wait list?

Students waitlisting a course assume responsibility for taking themselves off the wait list if they no longer want to enroll in the course. If you waitlist a course and a seat becomes available, you will automatically be enrolled in the course. If you are registered for a course from the waitlist, an email notifying you of this action will be sent to your university email account.