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Taking a Class Pass/Fail

Pass/fail is a grading option that may be available to students instead of a traditional letter grade (A-F) under certain circumstances. One objective of pass/fail is to encourage students to experience courses they usually might avoid because of lack of confidence or initial competence.

The following rules apply to courses taken for pass/fail:

  • Students may count a maximum of nine pass/fail credit hours toward graduation requirements. Additional pass/fail hours may be taken, but will not be used to meet graduation requirements.
  • Courses which are only offered as pass/fail and study abroad credits taken as pass/fail do not count toward the maximum of nine credit hours.
  • Students may choose to take any free elective for pass/fail credit. A free elective is a course which is NOT a requirement or elective for the student's major or minor and is not used to satisfy General Education requirements. Study abroad credit is an exception to this and may count toward the major and minor if approved by the major/minor department chair.
  • Upon enrollment students may designate the course or courses to be taken as pass/fail using self-enrollment. If pass/fail is not selected during the initial enrollment, students must designate pass/fail by the end of the fifth week of classes or within the first 13 class days for half semester classes. A course designated as pass/fail may not be changed to a graded course after that date.
  • Students who take a class as pass/fail and earn an A, B, C, or D will have a P (Pass) recorded on the transcript and the grade will not be calculated in the grade-point average, but the credit hours will count toward earned hours. A student who fails will have an F (Fail) recorded on the transcript and the F will be calculated in the grade-point average. In cases of academic dishonesty, an F will be recorded at the discretion of the instructor.
  • A department may elect to offer a course for pass/fail credit only. Courses which are only offered as pass/fail do not count toward the maximum of nine credit hours. Courses that are offered only for pass/fail credit are designated in the catalog.
  • Students who plan to study at an institution outside the U.S. (UCM sponsored Study Abroad) may elect to take all or none of the courses completed abroad as pass/fail credit or letter grade credit. If the student elects to take these courses for pass/fail credit, they must provide written notification to the Study Abroad staff in the International Center before beginning the Study Abroad program.
  • Study tours sponsored or recognized by UCM through Extended Studies are not exempt from the nine-hour maximum.

Any student wishing to petition changing a course grade to or from the grade mode of pass/fail after the established deadline may direct their petition to the Registrar's Office at Course instructors will be consulted regarding the petition, but the decision is made in the Registrar's Office. Petitions must include: full name, student number, course prefix/number/CRN/semester and documentation of the extenuating circumstances that led to missing the deadline.