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Repeating a Class

Rules for Course Repeats - For Courses Repeated Fall 2011 or After

The current repeat policy went into effect Fall 2011.  Any course repeated Fall 2011 or later will have the following repeat rules apply.  The policy is applied as follows regardless of the catalog year that the student is following, when the student began at UCM, or when the repeat course was originally taken.

Students may repeat courses at UCM regardless of the grade initially earned in the course.  However, the most current grade earned will be the one calculated in the grade point average, even if it is not the highest grade.  

This policy applies to courses taken initially at UCM and then repeated at UCM; courses taken initially at transfer institutions and then repeated at UCM; and courses taken initially and then repeated at the same transfer institution.

For the repeat policy to be implemented, the courses must have the same prefix/number and course content.

Repeated courses will not factor into either the grade point average or earned hours, although all prior grades and credits earned (if applicable) will remain on the transcript as a matter of record.  Students should check with departmental polices regarding course repeats which may be more stringent than the university policy.

The following specific stipulations apply to the above repeat enrollment policy:

1. Courses taken at Central Missouri and then repeated at another institution will have both grades computed into the cumulative grade point average (the UCM GPA is not affected by course work completed at another institution), but the credit (if earned) will only count for the first time taken.

2. Courses taken at two different institutions other than UCM will have both grades computed into the grade point average, but the credit (if earned) will only count for the first time taken.

3. Repeating a course under the pass/fail option will not negate the initial grade received.

4. Credit hours for repeated courses will be counted only once in the number of course hours earned toward a degree.

Changes in 2012 federal financial aid policy allows students to repeat courses that they previously earned a grade of D or higher in only once. Students who repeat such courses for a third (or subsequent) time will not qualify for financial aid for the course and may need to add additional courses to reach 12 qualified credit hours to receive federal financial aid. For more information about financial aid contact the UCM Student Financial Services Office at 660-543-8266.

Those courses at UCM which are allowed to be repeated for additional credit (such as ART 4010, CJ 4000, ISP 4000, many MUS classes, etc.) are excluded from this new federal financial aid policy. If you have a question about your courses, check the course description in the UCM Undergraduate Catalog to check the number of credit hours a course can be repeated.

Old Repeat Policy
(For Courses Repeated Summer 2011 or Before)