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Registrar & Student Records

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Grade Reports

The University of Central Missouri does not mail grade reports to students.  Students may access mid-semester and final grades in MyCentral. 

Faculty are asked to submit mid-semester grades of D and F for undergraduate level courses and mid-semester grades of C through F for graduate level courses. Some faculty will report all mid-semester grades (A-F). If a mid-semester grade is not reported in a course in which you are concerned about, see your instructor for your current grade.  Mid-semester grades are available online during the middle of the 7th week of classes during Fall and Spring semester.  Mid-semester grades are not reported for summer semester.

Final grades will be available in MyCentral at noon on the Thursday following finals week. While grades may show in MyCentral before this time, they are not yet official and grade point averages (GPAs), academic standing, and course repeats may not yet be processed.  Grades are processed only once per semester, regardless of when the course ends.

Students who believe that a grade was reported incorrectly, after final grades are issued, should consult with the instructor of the course. More information can be found in the section on Grade Appeals

To view mid-semester or final grades online, please do the following:

  • Log into the MyCentral Student Portal

  • Click on the "Student Services" tab

  • In the section "UCM Student Records"

  • Click on "Midterm Grades" or "Final Grades"

  • Pick the term that you want to see your grades from and click the "Submit" button.

  • Your final grades from that term will display. (Mid-semester grades are only available during the current term.)

  • You can print this page for your records or to provide to third parties as a grade report.

Final grades will also show on the degree audit and academic transcript. Mid-semester grades do not show on either of these documents.