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Meyer, Renee Ann Curtiss

Dr. Curtiss Meyer has been teaching for the Center for Religious Studies since 2006.  A native of Clarksville, TN and resident of Missouri since 1996, Curtiss Meyer is married to Jerry Meyer, M.D.  Her daughter is currently a student at UCM.

Academically her interests are in the areas of gender and religions, with a sub-specialty in Christianity and the human body, and eighteen to twentieth  century America. Current research centers on the discourse about homosexuality in mainline Protestantism over the last forty years.  Some of her research papers include: “Homosexuality Pathologized: Forty Years of Mainline Debate,” “Fred Phelps and the Christian Right: A Shared Rhetoric” and “Body-Mind-Society: Theorizing Homosexuality.”

At present she is working on a second doctorate, an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Religious Studies with a sub-specialty in Sociology at the University of Missouri, Kansas City.  In her free time, Renee enjoys taking care of her three horses and three dogs as well as spending time with her family and friends.

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