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CULP Experience

Cultural Understanding and Language Proficiency


Cadets are chosen for a one-month deployment that allows them to practice their leadership skills while gaining exposure to other cultures, languages and different views from around the world.


Cadet Bobby Smith UCM CULP Program






“I learned the importance of cultural diversity as a leader and how to interact effectively with people of different backgrounds.”


Cadet Robert Smith, Criminal Justice

Lithuania- June-July 2013







"CULP is a great chance for future leaders to see other parts of the world and gain experience in learning how to work with others in different cultures."


Cadet Brian Kennison, Corporate Finance

Portugal- May-June 2012

“From this experience I gained insight into the logistics of deploying to another country and the importance of ‘Mission First, People Always.”


Cadet Genevieve Read, International Studies

United Republic of Tanzania – Summer 2012

“Wherever I go, I know I am well prepared because of the training and experience I have gained from the UCM Army ROTC program.”


Cadet Ruthanne Owens, Nursing

Costa Rica – Summer 2012