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CMPA Application Process

Central Missouri Police Academy
and Institute for Public Safety

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Application Process

The process of requesting attendance at the CMPA has three steps:

1. Submit the application form to determine whether you meet the basic prerequisites established by the CMPA and State of Missouri.

2. Submit the application packet (sent to you after passing this prerequisite review).

3. If necessary, get admitted as a student with the University of Central Missouri.

Please note: Submitting this form does not hold a seat for you in one of our upcoming classes. In order to be accepted to attend the Central Missouri Police Academy you must meet much more stringent requirements as compared to traditional college courses. The questions on the form are designed to determine whether you qualify. If we confirm that you do, we will provide you with a copy of our official application so that you may apply for attendance. Please understand that the CMPA is both a college course and a law enforcement academy that is regulated by the State of Missouri’s Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission (POST).

The CMPA includes accredited classes of the University of Central Missouri and you must be admitted to UCM to attend the academy. Learn more about admissions requirements by clicking here.

Please check with Student Financial Services if you plan to use tuition assistance to pay for this course. These are undergraduate level classes. In order to qualify for tuition assistance you must be admitted as a credit seeking student. If you already have a bachelor’s degree you might not be able to use tuition assistance to pay for the CMPA course. If you are or were a member of the U.S. Military you should also speak with UCM’s Office of Military and Veteran Services about UCM’s Military Tuition Package and using your G.I. Bill for the CMPA.

You will find questions on this form about any arrests or traffic violations you may have had; this applies to you as a juvenile and as an adult. We are not currently approving applications from anyone that has been convicted of any misdemeanor or felony offense. If you have charges pending you will not be accepted until the situation is resolved.

As part of the application process you will have to submit your fingerprints, describe any criminal history you may have and a thorough background check will be conducted. Regardless of what you may have heard, even if an attorney told you that the charge would not appear in a background check, the State of Missouri’s background check process will discover any criminal history including juvenile records. Failure to disclose any arrest or traffic violation will result in refusal of attendance or expulsion from the academy if you have already started the class (without refund of any fees). Having been arrested or getting a speeding ticket will not automatically prevent you from attending. Failing to disclose these events will.

Please remember to include required details in the “Comments” block as requested in the form.


CLICK HERE for the CMPA Application/Qualification Form