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Clear & Present Danger: Synthetic Cannabinoids & Stimulants (4-hours)

Course Description:
The Missouri Safety Center has conducted two ground-breaking studies on the effects of synthetic cannabinoids, assisted by human subject dosing, and has emerged as leading authority on this topic. To create greater awareness and educate Missouri’s public safety professionals, this course has been designed specifically for Missouri law enforcement officers, prosecutors, education professionals and healthcare professionals on the emerging synthetic drug threats facing Missourians today. The presentation will be in two parts.  Part one will cover the synthetic cannabinoids (aka “spice”) and part two will cover the synthetic stimulants (aka “bath salts”), 4 hour course.  The presentation will address the following topics:

  • Appearance and packaging
  • Where and how they are being sold
  • Signs and symptoms seen in users
  • The status (legal/illegal) under Missouri law
  • Suggestions on how to stop their sales/distribution

Upon successful completion of this course, law enforcement officers will receive CEH's under Missouri P.O.S.T.

Course Fee:
$30 per person and must be received prior to attendance. Participants may pay via credit card (MasterCard, VISA, and Discover), or a check made payable to the Missouri Safety Center. Payment is due as soon as possible, your seat is not confirmed until payment is made.

Number of Participants:

A required minimum of 30 paid participants is required to conduct one 4-hour presentation, however back-to-back presentations are possible if the demand is greater than 30.

Date, Times and Locations:
The Missouri Safety Center is currently looking for host locations to conduct this training. If your agency is interested in hosting this course please contact us. This course can be presented as an agency specific course or open to other public safety professionals. 

Scheduled Course(s) 4 Hour Course: TBA


Please note: To discuss hosting a course at your department and/or more information please contact Bob Welsh at, 660-543-4597 or 800-801-3588.