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Student Testimonial Sociology

Choose UCM Sociology for a rewarding career in diversity.

Our program offers two unique undergraduate, one minor and three graduate degrees that challenge you to examine, study and research social life and aspects at the group level.

Programs offer insight and research methods to prepare you for employment in a diverse and global economy in a variety of careers. Careers include:

  • Human Services
  • Community Work
  • Corrections
  • Business
  • College Settings
  • Health Services
  • Publishing and Public Relations
  • Government Research

Students participate in various engaged learning opportunities to better understand relationships between societal institutions, such as families, the economy and religion, on both the local and global scale.

Engaged Learning Opportunities

The Sociology Club provides students with an interest in sociology opportunities to:

  • Network
  • Increase their knowledge
  • Attend professional meetings

Alpha Kappa Delta, the Sociology Honor Society, is an organization focused on the professional development of both undergraduate and graduate students.

Sigma Phi Omega, the National Academic Honor and Professional Society in Gerontology, recognizes the excellence and outstanding service of those who study and work in the field of gerontology.

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