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Department of Music

Utt Music Building, Room 109
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4530
Email: Dr. Scott Lubaroff

Returning Application - Music

Returning Student Application for:
Music & Foundation Scholarships

Application Process

The single application form for returning student music scholarships requires a few additional items.  The additional information (list of organizations/leadership positions, brief career goal statement, and contact information for two references), will be used by the departmental Scholarship Committee to match your application information with any and all Foundation Scholarships for which you may qualify.

Before beginning the application process:

You will need to be prepared to list organizations and leadership positions.

Every applicant must complete a brief statement regarding their professional career goals.

You will need to list two references with name, phone, email address, and their relationship to you (cannot be family members).  Most students will list teachers, employers, etc.

Completing the Application:

Download and read the pdf application form (download and install adobe reader if not installed on your computer).
The purpose of the pdf is to assist you with the gathering of pertinent information needed to complete the required on-line form.

Submitting the Application:

Please complete and submit the online form using the link below: deadline - February 1



Please direct any additional questions to:
Dr. Michael Sekelsky
Scholarship Committee - chair
Phone: 660-543-4681
Text (please identify yourself if texting): 660-441-2560

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