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Monster Duet Nights 2014

2014 Piano Institute Monster Duet Reading Event New this year: TWO nights of Ensemble fun!

On Tues June 24 and Wed June 24, we’re going to have our third annual “Monster Duet Reading Event”. Participation is optional but highly encouraged, because everyone has such a good time.

Here’s how it works: - Choose one or two (or more!) of the pieces – any part is fine! You can choose whatever part you like that interests you. We have listed pieces of varying levels of difficulty so there should be something for everyone. You can bring your score to camp, but you don’t have to – we will have scores available here.

- Participation is Entirely Voluntary. There is NO pressure because there won’t be a public performance. It will just be a fun opportunity to read music with friends. The emphasis is on having a good time. If you have never played duets before, this is the perfect way to try it out!

- Be sure that you get the exact arrangement/edition listed. If you aren’t sure if what you have is the correct book, contact Dr. Hynes ( or call 812-361-1680) and we’ll figure it out.

- If you can’t find the scores where you live, I highly recommend Luyben’s Music which is a fantastic music store based in Kansas City, Missouri. They ship anywhere in the country for a low rate and are Very speedy. You will need to call them (you can’t exactly order online with them). When they answer the phone, ask to speak with someone in the “Piano Room” (816) 753-7111.

Note that for the Arensky and the Moszkowski, it isn’t as crucial to have the exact edition/book because those pieces are so famous that they are printed in many different books.

We have listed the following pieces in order from generally easiest to generally most difficult. Of course everybody has a different definition of what easy and difficult really is! Don’t be hemmed in by our definitions. If you see something that you think you would really like to try but you can only do a few notes of one hand, by all means jump in and do it! We will have multiple people on a part (often enough) so that you can just ride along.

NEW this year: We’re going to have a bit of instructional time on the first evening to help orient beginning duet-players to the fun of playing with friends AND to give our more advanced duet-players some finer tips when it comes to managing ensemble rehearsals.


A note for our campers who may be coming to camp with their duet partner in tow:

Are you coming to camp with your duet partner in tow and would like to have a bit more specialized instruction? Let us know ahead of time and we’ll make sure that we have a little time for you!

AND HERE IT IS: the Repertoire for 2014.
Note that as of April 8, I am probably going to be adding one or two more multi-piano pieces within the next couple of weeks. So check back soon. We plan to have the list complete by the end of April.

Advanced beginner:
PIANO for TWO: Duets of Equal Parts for One Piano, 4 Hands arr. by Carol Matz BOOK 2 (FJH 1997. ISBN 1-56939-044-4)
Selection: “Home on the Range” - folk song (pg 16-19)

PIANO for TWO: Duets of Equal Parts for One Piano, 4 Hands arr. by Carol Matz BOOK 3 (FJH 1997. ISBN 1-56939-045-2)
Selection: “America the Beautiful” (pgs 8-11)

The JOY of PIANO DUETS, edited by Denes Agay. Yorktown Music Press, Inc. 1967.
ISBN 0.8256.8008.5
Selections: “Jamaica Farewell” (Calypso Song) pg 76-77
“Arioso” (J.S. Bach) pg 10-11

Intermediate (and getting up there):
The JOY of PIANO DUETS, edited by Denes Agay. Yorktown Music Press, Inc. 1967.
ISBN 0.8256.8008.5
Selection: “The Washington Post” JP Sousa, arr. by Denes Agay pg 48-51

PIANO for TWO: Duets of Equal Parts for One Piano, 4 Hands arr. by Carol Matz. BOOK 6. FJH 1999. ISBN 1-56939-079-7
Selection: “Song of India” Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov, arr. by Carol Matz pg 14-19

from “Six Children’s Pieces, Op. 34” (One piano, four hands) by Anton Arensky
No. 1: Fairy Tale (any edition is fine.)

Rather Advanced:
“Spanish Dance, Op. 12 No. 2” by Moritz Moszkowski (Any edition is ok; the one I have is the following: 44 Original Piano Duets from Haydn to Stravinsky, Theodore Presser. Catalog no. 410-41166. In that book, this piece is located on pgs 118-123).

“I Got Rhythm” by George Gershwin as arranged by Rod Miller.
Note: you can only get the score on his website: Click on the link that says “NEW: Four Hand Sheet Music” and then scroll down until you can find the title “4 Hand I Got Rhythm SHEET MUSIC”. The catalog number is MTM0001.

You can see video of a performance of this arrangement on you tube:

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Guest and Returning Artists for 2014:
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Dr. Mia Hynes
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Dr. Jon Hynes
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