Meet Dr. Wenger

Faculty Profile
by Daniel Mollenkamp

Photography by Emily Jordan

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Dr. Alan Wenger’s insatiable curiosity for music and a dogged determination to master the trumpet has given him a life filled with more opportunity than he could have received doing anything else. His introduction to the trumpet was watching Doc Severinsen leading the band on The Tonight Show and listening to recordings of Rafael Mendez. He began his musical education with piano, added the trumpet in sixth grade, and knew by the seventh that he had found his niche.

Starting with modest resources and great teachers, Alan followed a career path that led to performing at Carnegie Hall. He won the North American Brass Band Championships with the Fountain City Brass Band and, in 2009, was invited to study and perform with seven of the top trumpet soloists in the world at the Chosen Vale International Trumpet Seminar.

Dr. Wenger didn’t get there overnight. Growing up near Omaha, Nebraska, Alan was raised in a musical family. Mom played piano, Dad played trombone and tuba, his sister played clarinet, and his two younger brothers played trumpet and saxophone. From this foundation, Alan emerged as the one to make a career out of music. He obtained a degree in Trumpet Performance, a Masters in Music, and a Doctor of Musical Arts degree. He held positions at Midland Lutheran College and Amarillo College, where he directed a community band in which people from all walks of life came together to share their passion for music. He joined the UCM faculty in 2003 as the studio trumpet teacher.

Dr. Wenger dares his students to be well-rounded players who appreciate the beauty and refinement of classical trumpet playing, the creativity of jazz, and the freshness and technical challenges of new music.

Dr. Wenger ardently believes it’s important to stay active as a performer. It helps him continue to develop his skills as a trumpet player, a collaborator, and a teacher by sharpening his ears and deepening his expertise, so he can listen to his students in more detail and continue to draw on his own performing experience. He frequently performs with the Kansas City Symphony and Kansas City Chamber Orchestra.

Dr. Wenger’s performance on trumpet has been his ticket to world travel, taking him to Mexico, Germany, France, England, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland, and Australia. He has performed so widely in the United States that it is actually easier to say where he has not performed: Dr. Alan Wenger has not performed in Alaska.

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