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About Our Undergraduates

About Our Undergraduates

UCM's undergraduates are a diverse and active group. While 87 percent come from Missouri, we draw students from 43 other states and 57 nations. Other statistics:

  • 54 percent are female
  • 46 percent are male
  • 16 percent are ethnic minority
  • 84 percent are full-time students
  • Average ACT score is 21.58
  • Average high school GPA is 3.23

The average age among undergraduates is 23. About 30 percent of them live on campus in 19 residence halls. Students are involved in a range of activities, from Greek life to building a house with Habitat for Humanity.

On-Campus Tuition / Credit Hour

Missouri Resident
Undergraduate: $213.15
Graduate: $276.25
Undergraduate: $426.30
Graduate: $552.50

Please see our cost calculator for more information.