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Open Option (Undecided) Major

The Open Options program is designed to be a bridge between uncertainty of major and career selection and confidently deciding on an academic program.

The University of Central Missouri openly welcomes students who are undecided and want to keep their options open.

Students who are unsure about what academic program best fits them may choose to be an Open Option student. This program is intended to ensure students are progressing toward the completion of a degree while they are actively exploring their academic options. The goal of the Open Options program is to move students into a degree program in a timely, efficient manner.

At UCM, we are committed to helping every student make continuous and steady progress toward graduation, and to successfully graduate in a program best suited to the individual.

What services does it provide?

Specialized assistance in Academic Advising/Orientation.

Individualized Career Counseling.

Open Option Learning Community designed especially for open option students:

  • UNIV 1400 - University Foundations: Open Options: Designed to help the first-year student and those in transition to: actively explore critical thinking, develop a sense of belonging to UCM, develop self-awareness of social and civic responsibility, and gain a desire for lifelong learning.
  • UNIV 1410 - Exploring Majors and Minors: A career development course designed to introduce students to a wide range of academic programs and career options. Special emphasis is given to an exploration of self through the use of career assessments and individual career counseling sessions, as well as individual and group activities, discussions, and interviews specifically designed to facilitate a methodical approach to assist students with identifying “right fit” career options, and the academic paths that lead to those options.

What are the benefits of the Open Options program?

More one-on-one time with Success Advisors and Career Counselors.

Saves time, energy and money:

  • Open Option freshman who take this course academically outperform all other freshman.
  • More than 90% declare a major before the end of the second semester, 60% before the end of the first semester.
  • 60% of students who enter college with a declared degree will change their major 4-5 times. Entering as Open Options, allows students a chance to explore and take classes that apply to all majors.

Who is eligible for this program?

New freshman and transfer students.

Continuing students, who are in one academic program and have determined that program to no longer be a fit.

Individuals who:

  • Know they want a college degree, but have no idea what major to choose.
  • Have decided a major, and just want to make sure it’s the right fit.
  • Thought they knew what to major in, but are now unsure.
  • Have narrowed their major down to a few options.
  • Know what major they like, but do not know what kind of job they can get.
  • Know generally what job they would like, but do not know the best fit major to get there.

Who should you contact?


Ken Schueller

Director of Success Advising
Success Advising Center
Union 128


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