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Open Option (Undecided) Major

Undecided Majors

Are you a high school student — or currently enrolled at another college or university — and unsure about your future career? Let the University of Central Missouri help you find your future. At UCM, we offer an Open Option (Undecided) major that allows you to take up to two semesters of classes to get started on the path that’s right for you. With UCM’s Undecided major, you won’t lose any time.

Start your journey to discover your dream job

Many students begin college unsure about what they want to study. One-third of students pursuing a bachelor’s degree will change their major at least once, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, which can result in additional time and tuition to complete their degree.

UCM is among the few colleges for Undecided majors with a dedicated program to help you find your path early on in your education. Launched in 2003, our Open Option major has helped thousands of students discover their right fit and save time and money. Explore all your academic options while you take courses on our Warrensburg campus that earn credit toward your college degree and keep you on track to a timely graduation.

Success Advising


Ken Schueller, MA, MCS
Senior Director of Student Success
Elliott Student Union 128
Warreensburg, MO
Tel: 660-543-4721

Success Advising

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One of few Undecided major programs

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20+ years of proven student success

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Among the top 3 UCM majors for freshmen

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18:1 student-to-faculty ratio

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6K+ alumni started as Undecided majors

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Over 90% declare a major in under a year

Find your future at UCM

When you choose the University of Central Missouri, you choose one of the best colleges for Undecided majors. We offer a variety of resources to ensure your success at UCM and beyond, including:

  • Thorough assessments: Each student is unique and multilayered, so, unlike other colleges for Undecided majors, we use a multifaceted approach to help you decide your future. We’ll examine your skills, interests, career values, personality, character strengths and motivators through various assessments, including Career Liftoff® and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®.
  • Success advising: UCM success advisors, who are credentialed career counselors, will regularly meet with you and coach you as you solve your dilemma. We’ll discuss the assessments and listen as you interpret the results so you can make an informed decision you can be confident in. 
  • Informational interviews: Once you’ve narrowed down your Undecided major to three possibilities, you’ll meet with faculty from these programs and get more information. You can also interview and even shadow someone in the field for a real-world view of your potential career.
  • Campus events: What also makes UCM one of the best colleges for Undecided majors — and all majors — is our campus life. From social events to academic programming, you’ll be able to participate in student activities to meet faculty and fellow students. Attend the Find Your Fit Majors Fair in the fall to learn about UCM’s 150+ programs.


What you will study

The best colleges for Undecided majors will help you understand that it’s okay not to know right away what you want to do in college and beyond. We’re here to help you understand what your options are and figure out what majors excite you. Alongside career counseling, assessments and other activities, you’ll take these courses to narrow down your options:

  • University Foundations: Open Options: Ease your transition to college life with this course that helps you effectively use the many supports and resources at UCM while developing your critical thinking skills, social and civic responsibility and a desire for lifelong learning.
  • Exploring Majors and Minors: Learn about UCM’s wide array of academic programs and their career possibilities to learn what your pursuit entails and find the right fit for you.

You’ll have the same group of peers in both classes to support each other along your journey. While you make your decision, you’ll engage in core coursework that earns you credit toward your bachelor’s degree.

When will I graduate if I begin with an Undecided major?

As one of the best colleges for Undecided majors, UCM has successfully led more than 90% of students in this program to declare a major within one year. Once they declare their major, most students graduate without changing majors again. This allows you to stay on a four-year track when you maintain a full-time schedule. UCM students who begin with an Undecided major are among our fastest graduates.


Financial assistance options for Undecided majors

Neither the uncertainty of your Undecided major nor the financial responsibility of your education should keep you from attending college. Like the other best colleges for Undecided majors, at the University of Central Missouri we help ensure that your degree is within your reach.

How to finance your UCM education

At the University of Central Missouri, we’ve been recognized by LendEDU as a top-ranked university for low student debt. In addition, we make available various means to finance your education, including loans, grants, work-study positions and scholarships. Use the UCM Scholarship Finder to search for opportunities that may be available now or when you declare your major.



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Explore Graduate programs in many exciting fields of study.


Graduate Programs


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Deciding on your major can be a “puzzling” experience. Focus is a comprehensive online career exploration program that can help you decide on a major and explore career options. Focus is self-paced and interactive.

You will discover several important “pieces” of the puzzle such as your interests, personality, values, skills and aspirations. Focus will enable you to identify and explore options matching your personal attributes with an exhaustive major and career informational database.

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