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Portfolio of Success:
Learning to a Greater Degree Contract

The UCM Learning to a Greater Degree Contract is a campus and student strategic partnership that will:

  1. Improve retention and graduation rates at UCM;
  2. Improve the time it takes to complete an undergraduate degree at UCM (and thus lower the costs associated with obtaining that degree);
  3. Prepare students at UCM with the skills needed to achieve success in jobs, careers or post-undergraduate education.

This Strategic Initiative Portfolio is used by UCM leadership to measure progress on commitments made by UCM staff and faculty as part of the contract.

Institutional Enhancements

UCM has enhanced the student experience by making UCM campus services more accessible and by making UCM a better place to call home.


Curricular Enhancements

UCM has enhanced the student experience by encouraging students to carry at least 15 hours per semester, making sure that students are taking the right classes for degree progress and monitoring student attendance and student participation in the classroom learning process.

  • 15-to-Finish Scholarship Program
  • Preregistration in courses for 2nd semester
  • Additional academic and Gateway Center advisors
  • Mid-Quarter reporting now required
  • Universal enrollment validation
  • New DegreeWorks software program
  • 2 card scanners installed for attendance
  • Common reader program
  • Student Success committee
  • Early Alert referrals
  • Report on second year programming
  • EAB student success software

Co-curricular Enhancements

UCM has enhanced the student experience by providing additional campus and community engagement opportunities for student growth and development outside of the classroom.


Coming Soon

While not yet complete or fully implemented, these items are in the planning or development stages.

  • The Crossing—South at Holden mixed-use project
  • Fitzgerald Dining Hall
  • Fall 2014 concert selected by Student Concert Committee
  • Greek housing strategy plan for public/private partnerships
  • Second year housing educational programs
  • Expanded Academic Responsibility Coach program
  • Marketing, culinary, hotel and other internships with Sodexo
  • "Advisor Night" in the library