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Academic Catalogs

The Undergraduate Catalog is now available online at

The Graduate Catalog is now available online.

To the extent possible, the university will accept the degree requirements in a catalog for an eight-year period. Catalogs older than eight years are expired.
Academic Catalogs from 2016 and back can be found here.

Transferring Credit

Use the Transfer Search to find out how your previous coursework
will transfer to Central. To use this feature, you'll need to know the prefix/number of the course from the transferring institution.

Course Equivalencies

Use the Central Search service if you want to fulfill a UCM requirement with a course from another institution. To use this service, you'll need to know the prefix/number of the relevant course at Central.

On-Campus Tuition / Credit Hour

Missouri Resident*
Undergraduate: $221.00
Graduate: $292.35
Undergraduate: $442.00
Graduate: $584.70
Undergraduate: $272.45
Graduate: $340.25
MBA Program*
Graduate: $463.90

*Per credit hour rates do not include mandatory fees, housing or textbooks.

Please see our cost calculator for more information.