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Catalog Archive

Undergraduate Catalogs

2016 Undergraduate Catalog
2016 4-Year Plans for majors

2015 Undergraduate Catalog
2015 4-Year Plans for majors

2014 Undergraduate Catalog
2014 4-Year Plans for majors

2013 Undergraduate Catalog
2013 4-Year Plans for majors

2012 Undergraduate Catalog
2012 4-Year Plans for majors

2011 Undergraduate Catalog (pdf of 196 pages)
2011 4-Year Plans for majors

2010 Undergraduate Catalog (pdf of 215 pages)
2010 4-Year Plans for majors

2009 Undergraduate Catalog (pdf of 222 pages)
2009 4-Year Plans for majors

To the extent possible, the university will accept the degree requirements in a catalog for an eight-year period. Catalogs older than eight years are expired.

2008 Undergraduate Catalog
2008 4-Year Plans for majors
Download entire catalog in pdf (224 pages)

2007 Undergraduate Catalog
Download entire catalog in pdf (354 pages)
4-year plans included in catalog

2006 Undergraduate Catalog
Download entire catalog in pdf
4-year plans included in catalog

2005 Undergraduate Catalog
2004 Undergraduate Catalog
2003 Undergraduate Catalog
2002 Undergraduate Catalog
2000-2002 Undergraduate Catalog
1998-2000 General Catalog
1996-1998 General Catalog
1995-1996 General Catalog

Graduate Catalog

2016 Graduate School Catalog
2015 Graduate School Catalog
2014 Graduate School Catalog
2013 Graduate School Catalog
2012 Graduate School Catalog
2011 Graduate School Catalog
2010 Graduate School Catalog
2009 Graduate School Catalog
2008 Graduate School Catalog
2007 Graduate School Catalog
2006 Graduate School Catalog

On-Campus Tuition / Credit Hour

Missouri Resident*
Undergraduate: $221.00
Graduate: $292.35
Undergraduate: $442.00
Graduate: $584.70
Undergraduate: $272.45
Graduate: $340.25
MBA Program*
Graduate: $463.90

*Per credit hour rates do not include mandatory fees, housing or textbooks.

Please see our cost calculator for more information.