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General Education

General Education at UCM

Gerneral Education at UCM focuses on unique opportunities and a holistic approachAt UCM, you will earn more than a degree; you will become a well-rounded individual who will make a difference in your community and career.

General education helps assure:

  • You are ready to be successful in your major-related courses.
  • You have the range of knowledge and skills employers seek.
  • You are ready to apply all these skills to your career and life.

For students starting in the 2014 catalog and later, UCM’s general education curriculum will include 10 areas of understanding, known as competencies. You will need to complete at least one course from each competency area, though specific requirements vary for each major.

Understand the types of courses in UCM's general education program:

  • Competency One: Writing with clarity and purpose, using the correct format, structure and documentation.
  • Competency Two: Presenting and interacting in public, group and interpersonal settings.
  • Competency Three: Using math and formal reasoning to analyze and draw inferences.
  • Competency Four: Thinking creatively and critically. (These courses fulfill competencies four and nine.)
  • Competency Five: Acquiring and managing information through research and technology.
  • Competency Six: Knowledge and appreciation of literature, languages and the arts.
  • Competency Seven: Knowledge of the physical and natural world using science, math and technology.
  • Competency Eight: Knowledge of the human experience through history and the social/behavioral sciences.
  • Competency Nine: Evaluating individual actions, intercultural relationships and social choices through ethical reasoning, civic principles and cultural values. (These courses fulfill competencies four and nine.)
  • Competency 10: Creating a cumulative work that demonstrates the integration and application of knowledge. (This is met during your major curriculum and is not part of the 42-hour general education program.)

When planning your schedule, always meet with your advisor to assure you remain on track to graduate on time.

Find out more about your degree's requirements on your Central Degree Audit on MyCentral or in the Undergraduate Catalog.