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Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis, EdD

Expand Your Educational Leadership

You may pursue a Doctor of Education (EdD) in Educational Leadership at the University of Central Missouri. The degree is conferred by the University of Missouri-Columbia. The program uses a cohort format that requires you to complete required coursework in two years. A dissertation follows the course work. Students are accepted into the cohort group every two years by meeting entrance requirements, which include a Master’s degree, a substantiated goal of educational leadership, GRE scores, undergraduate and graduate GPA, evaluation of a writing assessment and a personal interview. The curriculum includes the following broad themes:

  • Organizational Analysis
  • Leadership Theory and Practice
  • Analyzing Educational Policy
  • Content and Context for Learning
  • Research and Inquiry and Evaluation

Study commences with a summer schedule on the University of Missouri-Columbia campus. Fall and Spring semester courses are taught on campus and at UCM-Lee’s Summit by UCM faculty. Following a second summer of study in Columbia, as well as fall and spring study at UCM and the UCM-Lee’s Summit, students enter the dissertation stage of the degree.

For More Information

For more information and to apply, visit the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis at the University of Missouri-Columbia.




UCM is the longest continuously CAEP accredited public institution in Missouri


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