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Public Administration Graduate Certificate

Public Administration

Advance your Career in the Public Sector and Non-Profit Worlds

UCM's Public Administration Graduate Certificate is the perfect way for students and working adults to set themselves apart on the job market. This certificate gives students an in-depth understanding of the politics and institutions that shape Public Administration, while helping them develop the analytical skills that aid in defining and solving problems. Students who earn this Certificate will demonstrate substantive knowledge in areas of need as identified by the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration (NASPAA).  The Graduate Certificate in Public Administration is designed for professionals working in the non-profit and public sectors. 

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A Great Program for Working Adults

The 15-credit hour certificate is designed for students who want to continue their education or working professionals who seek additional certification for professional development and career advancement. And with all classes offered online, the certificate is perfect for those working adults who seek to advance their education while accommodating a busy work schedule.

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Adult Learners

Interested in learning more?

Feel free to reach out to Dr. Gregory Streich, the Chair of the School of Social Sciences and Languages, with any questions that you might have about the Public Administration Graduate Certificate.

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