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Social Gerontology Graduate Certificate

**Notice: As of summer 2021, UCM is no longer admitting students to the Social Gerontology Graduate Certificate program.

Enter The Longevity Revolution

With the rapid aging of the world's population, expertise in social gerontology is welcomed in a range of settings and occupations. Today's older adults are engaged in life beyond home and family. The Social Gerontology Graduate Certificate Program helps prepare students from a variety of academic programs for positions that involve contact and work with older adults. The 15 hours of coursework includes sociology, social work, nursing, management and communication, or you may take courses in other areas, like psychology and family studies, by arrangement. You will be prepared to function as an expert in understanding the behavior, social interaction and development of older adults, life course transitions, and aging in the context of social issues and policies that affect later life.


Dr. Mary Kelly
Program Coordinator, Social Gerontology
Martin 236E
Tel: (660) 543-8509


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