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Automotive Technology Management - Area 1: Automotive Technology BS

Technical Job Skills, Applied

The University of Central Missouri's Automotive Technology Management program prepares you to become a leader in the automotive industry. With our bachelor's degree in Automotive Technology Management, UCM is one of fewer than 20 universities in the nation meeting the demand for well-qualified, corporate level and technical graduates.

As a graduate from this program, you are suited for high-demand, well-paying, corporate-level, technical management positions within the automotive/diesel and alternative-fuel/hybrid vehicle industries. Historically, 98% of our graduates gain employment in the field within six months of graduation with a starting salary as high as $55,000. 

The automotive technology area of the ATM degree program focuses on technological skill-sets of the automotive professional and benefits most career positions in the industry, giving the widest versatility out of the three options.

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Area 1: Automotive Technology

Complete, Technical, Hands-on

Area 1 of the Automotive Technology Management degree places an emphasis on the technical skills you as a graduate will be recruited for.  While all three option areas of the degree have some aspect of hands-on technical training, Area 1 features added course content in HVAC, Automatic Transmissions, and Engine Repair.  The most popular option area, Area 1 is for those that love hands-on, technical learning and in general is the most universal area of the three.

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First Destination Success Rates

These reports highlight UCM graduates six months after graduation on their First Destination Success (FDS). FDS can be defined as graduates who are actively engaged in work/educational experiences (full-time, part-time, military, volunteer/program of service, or continuing education). Prospective students and families can gain knowledge by looking at major statistics.

2017-2018 Salary Summary

2017-2018 Graduates – Employers & Job Titles

2016-2017 Salary Summary

2016-2017 Graduates – Employers & Job Titles

2015-2016 Salary Summary

2014-2015 Salary Summary

2013-2014 Salary Summary

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Established in 1968

The long history of UCM’s Automotive Program means corporate level alumni support and a solid record of success.

Unique and in demand

One of only 20 programs nationwide offering a full-range bachelor's degree in Automotive Technology. Graduates are highly sought after for corporate-level positions with companies such as Chanje EV,  Cummins, Enterprise Fleet Management, Fiat/Chrysler, Ford, Tesla, MFA Oil, MHC Kenworth, and Orange EV, among others. Over $1.5 million dollars in grants and external donations has been received by the program since 1999.

Accredited and accountable

UCM's Automotive Technology Management program is the only bachelor's degree in automotive technology to achieve dual accreditations from the Association of Technology, Management and Applied Engineering (ATMAE), and the National Automotive Technicians Educational Foundation (NATEF).

The Facilities

Gaines Technology Complex dedicates more than one-third of its 66,000-square-foot area to the program, conveniently located on the northeast side of campus.

Value-packed degree

A certificate in Advanced (EV/Hybrid) Vehicle Systems and a minor in Business Administration is incorporated into the Area 1, 2, and 3 curriculum with no additional coursework.

Hands-on, real-world training

In addition to Business, Marketing, Design/Engineering, or Management courses, the program delivers applied job skills focusing on all Automotive Systems from Engine Repair through Autonomous Vehicles.

Program Objectives and Outcomes

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