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Political Science BA

Political Science Bachelor of Arts

Study the policies and behavior that govern our society and culture in the University of Central Missouri’s Political Science BA program. Housed in the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, along with the Political Science BS, this versatile liberal arts degree is both broad and focused, opening a wide variety of opportunities in grad school and jobs for Poli Sci majors.

As a Political Science major, you can specialize in one of four subfields:

  • American Politics: If you’re interested in a career in government or public service, this subfield of political science is a great option. Poli Sci majors will learn the fundamentals of the U.S. political system, including its institutions, issues and political dynamics.
  • Comparative Politics: Dive deep into key political dynamics across the globe, including regions such as Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Latin America and Africa.
  • International Relations: Explore the complex politics between countries and international institutions while addressing global concerns, from climate change and globalization to human rights and security issues.
  • Law and Theory: If you’re interested in political science pre-law school opportunities for a legal career, choose the Law and Theory subfield. This area of specialization covers a variety of in-depth topics in American Constitutional law, civil liberties and civil rights and courtroom law.

Online classes in UCM’s Political Science Bachelor of Arts program

UCM’s Political Science BA degree program offers many courses online to help you complete your coursework in a way that fits with your schedule. Examples of online courses for Poli Sci majors include Administrative Law, Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations, International Human Rights, International Law, Municipal Administration, Principles of International Development and Public Administration.

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4 subfields to specialize in

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3+3 political science pre-law pathway

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Missouri State Capitol internships

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PhDs & JDs teach Poli Sci major classes

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What you will study

Regardless of which area you specialize in, you will gain a broad, liberal arts education in writing, history, philosophy, foreign language and more. The University of Central Missouri’s Political Science Bachelor of Arts program is designed to develop your analytical, communication, leadership and problem-solving skills while building your understanding of core concepts, theories and ideologies in political science. This combination strengthens your global view while preparing you to succeed in jobs for Poli Sci majors.

With a wide variety of electives to choose from, you can enhance your Political Science major coursework by exploring additional topics that you’re interested in. These are just a few of the many electives you could take:

  • Campaigns, Elections, Political Parties and Interest Groups
  • Democracy and Authoritarianism
  • Globalization and International Organizations
  • The Powers and Responsibilities of the President
  • War, Political Violence and Terrorism

In your upper-level classes, you’ll enjoy robust discussions, hands-on activities and personalized attention in smaller groups of 15–20 Political Science majors. This can enhance your learning experience, bring forth your strengths and help you stand out.

UCM’s Political Science BA program courses are taught by award-winning, tenured faculty who are experts in their fields. Their teaching and research interest areas range from American law, legislative politics, voter behavior and security issues to globalization, international development, Middle Eastern politics and international relations. Beyond classroom instruction, they mentor and guide Poli Sci majors to help you choose your subfield, explore political science pre-law school opportunities, define your career path and more.


Unique learning opportunities in political science

While earning your Political Science BA degree, you can gain real-world experience and apply knowledge you learn in the classroom in a variety of ways. These are just a few examples:

  • Internships: Complete an internship for course credit. UCM’s Political Science Bachelor of Arts degree program offers opportunities in Johnson County, throughout Missouri and across the country to gain work and life experience. In the past, Political Science majors have been placed in internships at the Missouri State Capitol in Jefferson City, nonprofit organizations like Global FC, City Hall in Warrensburg and the International Relations Council of Kansas City.
  • Study abroad: Public policies and political behavior impact countries and cultures. Observe this first-hand by joining a 1–2 week-long service-learning trip or studying abroad for a few weeks, a summer or a full semester. As a Political Science major, you could travel to, for example, Cuba, Israel, Jordan, Peru or Tanzania. UCM is one of few universities in the country that offer scholarships and grants to students studying abroad, including undergraduate students in the Political Science Bachelor of Arts program.
  • Student activities: Gain additional opportunities for hands-on learning and job experience through student clubs, organizations and special events. For example, join Model United Nations to build teamwork and leadership skills. Our Model UN team travels and competes in diplomatic simulations with undergraduate students from other colleges and universities in Missouri and across the Midwest. Political science pre-law opportunities include mock trial. 100% of our UCM Mock Trial team members at the University of Central Missouri have been accepted to law school.


What can you do with a degree in Political Science?

The Political Science Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Central Missouri can lead you to an entry-level job right out of college or prepare you for grad or law school. Poli Sci majors have been accepted into graduate programs at University of Missouri, University of Missouri-Kansas City and Georgetown University, among others. 

Our undergraduate students often choose to go down the political science pre-law path, but jobs for Poli Sci majors can also include education, government, public service, private and nonprofit sectors and more. Some even start their own businesses.
We have alumni throughout St. Louis; Kansas City; Columbia; Washington, D.C.; New York and beyond. These are just a few examples of where they’re impacting communities and influencing public policies:

  • ACLU
  • Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
  • Missouri Army National Guard
  • Missouri State Legislature
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • The Educated Citizen Project
  • Voter Integrity Project

A variety of career options from one versatile degree

Explore the future possibilities with a Political Science BA using the interactive tool below. You’ll gain insights on salary potential, job titles, career fields and more — in Missouri and throughout the United States.




Financial assistance options for your Political Science Bachelor of Arts

From federal grants and scholarships to university-wide financial aid, you have many options for financing your education at the University of Central Missouri.

In addition to merit-based and general need scholarships, you may qualify for several scholarships specifically for students in UCM’s Political Science BA program. These include:

  • Joseph E. Kallenbach Scholarship
  • Political Science & International Studies Scholarship 
  • Robert A. and Edith M. Young Scholarship
  • Simon E. Maxwell Scholarship
  • Walt Hicklin Government and Public Service Scholarship


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Take your degree further.

The versatility of UCM’s Political Science BA means you’ll be well-prepared for grad school programs such as: 

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Make yourself more marketable.

Adding a minor such as one of these to your Political Science major can help you be more competitive in the job market with a specialized area of expertise.

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Explore programs related to Political Science.

Pair your Political Science major with a related program for a dual degree that offers different advantages in a career.


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