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Music, BM - Piano Pedagogy

Piano Pedagogy Bachelor of Music

Develop your musicianship and learn practical teaching methods while you build your performance skills at the University of Central Missouri. UCM’s Bachelor of Music in Piano Pedagogy offers a unique blend of instruction in the science and art of music teaching, performance, theory and cognition.

Whether you’re thinking of pursuing a career as a teacher or a performer — or you want to combine the two roles — UCM’s Piano Pedagogy degree gives you the best of both worlds in one undergraduate degree.

An advanced Piano Pedagogy program for undergraduates

UCM’s Piano Pedagogy degree includes instruction in music education and teaching theory that is usually reserved for graduate students. As a result, you’ll be ready to enter the workforce with advanced teaching skills or to pursue a graduate degree in music.

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What you will study

What is Piano Pedagogy at UCM offering students at the bachelor’s level? You’ll develop skills in musicianship, performance and teaching. Your coursework will include hands-on learning through practicums and real-world projects that will prepare you for all kinds of scenarios in the music industry. Our Piano Pedagogy degree starts with a foundation in classical music training and covers a range of topics in courses such as:

  • Aural Training: Learn how to identify and transcribe rhythms, melodies, chords and harmonic progressions by ear.
  • Piano I and II: Diversify your repertoire and improve your performance skills with technical study of keyboard literature from various eras.
  • Piano Pedagogy for all levels of students: Develop effective foundational teaching skills that will help you make a powerful impact on beginning, intermediate and advanced students.


Excellence in Piano Pedagogy

  • Top 15%: Best Value Bachelor's Degree Colleges for General Music (College Factual, 2022)
  • A Most Focused College for General Music (College Factual, 2022)
  • Top 8%: Most Popular Colleges for General Music (College Factual, 2022)


Unique learning opportunities in piano pedagogy

At the University of Central Missouri, we take pride in offering real-world experience to help you prepare for your career in teaching music:

  • Teaching: Students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Piano Pedagogy benefit from teaching practicum placements that include faculty observation and feedback. In later semesters, you’ll teach private lessons in your own mini-studio and through UCM’s community music program.
  • Volunteering: What is piano pedagogy training at UCM going to help you offer your students and those around you? You’ll use your piano instruction skills to benefit your community and gain valuable in-person experience with music students of all ages. Students in UCM’s Piano Pedagogy degree program volunteer in community service activities through the Missouri Federation of Music Clubs and the Missouri Music Teachers Association. 
  • Career-building: As a Piano Pedagogy major at UCM, you’ll learn about social media self-promotion, digital distribution of recordings, creating a personal website and other marketing and promotion techniques that will benefit your career.


What can you do with a bachelor’s degree in Piano Pedagogy from UCM?

UCM’s Piano Pedagogy degree provides you with specialized musical training, teaching skills and networking strategies. You’ll graduate with the piano performance skills, pedagogical know-how and technological savvy you need to teach in your own music studio, pursue a career as a musician or continue your music studies in grad school. 

Many of UCM’s Piano Pedagogy graduates go on to pursue Master of Music degrees at prestigious universities. Our faculty members strive to support you throughout the graduate school application process and can help you secure a place at your school of choice.

What is Piano Pedagogy preparing you for?

Use the interactive tool below to learn more about careers for Piano Pedagogy majors, including job outlooks, salaries and more.




Financial assistance options for your Piano Pedagogy degree

UCM's various financial aid options can make your Piano Pedagogy degree more affordable. We offer scholarships for incoming freshmen, current undergraduate students, transfer students and out-of-state students.

Beyond the awards and scholarships offered to Music majors based on their entrance audition, you can apply for competitive merit-based and endowed scholarships reserved for Piano Pedagogy and Piano Performance majors, such as:

  • Dr. Richard B. Smith Piano Scholarship
  • Joan Hubbel Scholarship
  • Marion Davies Piano Scholarship for Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Use the UCM Scholarship Finder to learn more about program-specific scholarships.



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Make yourself more marketable.

UCM also offers a variety of minors that complement Piano Pedagogy majors and help your career, such as:

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Explore programs related to piano pedagogy.

If you know you’re interested in a degree in Music but you’re not sure which is the best fit for you, you might be interested in some of UCM’s other undergraduate programs:



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