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Risk Management and Insurance, BSBA

Insurance and Risk Management Degree

At the University of Central Missouri, we understand that the insurance industry is complicated. The protection products available today are diverse and career opportunities are varied. Insurance isn’t just about personal home, health and auto. It’s about ever-evolving financial security.

UCM’s Insurance and Risk Management degree program offers the opportunity to explore an insurance degree from different angles. Tailored to your academic and career goals, the undergraduate program provides a broad range of courses that strengthen your skills and marketability to major industry leaders.


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95% job placement rate

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Expert instruction from industry leaders

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Diverse career opportunities

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Prepare for grad school

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Comprehensive program coursework

What you will study

UCM’s undergraduate Insurance and Risk Management degree teaches you analytical and conceptual skills as they apply to the risk management process and insurance industry. Coursework includes economics, marketing, finance and communications, as well as in-depth financial risk management courses.

Through case studies taught by active industry professionals, you’ll explore topics that relate to life, health, property and casualty insurance. You’ll also learn how to identify — and navigate — risks involved with employment benefits and retirement planning.

Financial risk management courses that outline the concepts of corporate risk management will broaden your skills further.

You’ll also learn how to execute wide-ranging, product-specific contracts, which are essential to all insurance and risk management jobs. The comprehensive curriculum of UCM’s Insurance and Risk Management degree, as well as its graduate financial advisor degree preparation, offers you career flexibility and marketability.


Unique learning opportunities in risk management and insurance

The University of Central Missouri’s undergraduate Insurance and Risk Management degree is rich with real-world study. Engaged learning helps you understand current tools and practices and develop essential leadership skills:

  • Internships: Internships connect classroom study with actual application, which strengthens your overall understanding of insurance and risk management jobs.
  • Student activities: Participating in activities as a Risk Management and Insurance major develops essential business skills such as communication and critical thinking that can help you be successful in insurance and risk management jobs.
  • Donn G. Forbes Center for Financial Services: The Forbes Center is equipped with state-of-the-art digital technology that allows you to perform detailed risk management exercises and analyses.
  • Bloomberg Professional Service: Within the Forbes Center is the industry-leading Bloomberg platform for news data, analytical tools and research. Undergraduate students in UCM’s Risk Management and Insurance degree program learn how to make informed decisions that mitigate financial risk and maximize reward.


What can you do with a bachelor’s degree in Risk Management and Insurance from UCM?

Upon completing an undergraduate Risk Management and Insurance degree from the University of Central Missouri, you’ll be prepared to pursue a career in the financial services industry. You’ll qualify for a variety of insurance and risk management jobs such as insurance appraiser and underwriter. The financial risk management courses you’ll take provide an alternative to a financial advisor degree, which can start you on a path to jobs in financial risk management.

Graduate school preparation

Risk management and insurance degrees, as well as financial advisor degrees, can also set a solid foundation to advance into the University of Central Missouri’s award-winning Master of Business Administration (MBA) program, which offers a concentration in Finance. Choosing to continue your education with a UCM MBA degree further expands your career options and enhances your marketability.




Financial assistance options for your Insurance and Risk Management degree

The University of Central Missouri’s tuition is lower than many four-year colleges and universities in the state and is lower than the national average.

To help reduce your student debt even further, we offer a variety of options for financing your college education, including:

  • Scholarships
  • Loans
  • Grants
  • Work-study programs

The Harmon College of Business and Professional Studies has over 75 scholarships for eligible business students, including Risk Management and Insurance majors. You can learn more about program-specific scholarships with the UCM Scholarship Finder.


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Take your degree further.

UCM’s graduate degree programs offer educational and career advancement opportunities beyond an Insurance and Risk Management degree or financial advisor degree:

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Make yourself more marketable.

UCM undergraduate certificate programs enhance your knowledge and give you a competitive edge in insurance and risk management jobs:

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Explore programs related to risk management and insurance.

If you’re still deciding which major is right for you, consider these other undergraduate program options at UCM:


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