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Studio Art BFA - Option 3: Ceramics


Through the University of Central Missouri’s Ceramics emphasis, students develop their creative talents and technical skills. You will learn to use traditional and contemporary forms of expression to develop your own unique visual language, through instruction from highly experienced and practicing faculty and guided hands-on experience in studio classes.


The University of Central Missouri’s art programs are accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). UCM has been continuously accredited since 1986.

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Fergus Moore

Meet the Faculty

Fergus Moore

Artist Statement

I am a functional potter. I make functional pots. The objects I make are utilitarian. These three statements are obvious in their meaning but the significance is not necessarily so obvious. Function in the colloquial usage is superficial, having only to do with an object’s use for a task; a functional object is a tool, and I am a toolmaker. However, I see function from a more anthropological perspective whereby function is extended to the greater meaning found in the relationships between people and objects. The art of the object is apparent when we form a relationship with it.  I believe that pottery can and does enhance everyday life. The often-mundane acts of eating and drinking are raised in our awareness and made special through the use of handmade pots. This occurs when we form a relationship with a pot, which I believe happens in at least one of three ways: the pot as a tool, the pot as aesthetic object, and the pot as the object of emotional attachment. 

Moore holds an MFA from the University of Missouri and he lives in Columbia, MO.


Laptop Requirement

Students in the Ceramics program are required to purchase a laptop beginning Fall 2019. More information will be added at a later date.



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